INSULIN ON ICE: Day 4 - It Could Always Be Worse

Day 4.
My first thought waking up: it could always be worse. That's what my mon would tell me every time I was dealing with something difficult.

I got ready for work & as I used my allotted amout of water in the bathroom, I thought, what if it was winter? Now that would be worse than this.

Yes, it's difficult to spend days inside when it's 90+ degrees outside, and there's no power, no water...and of course no cold water. It is extremely uncomfortable, but, as the day passes it does eventually become bearable, and even comfortable.

But I can't imagine how much more difficult it could be in dead winter, with no power. The concern would be keeping warm. And as the day passes, it gets even colder, and keeping warm is more of a challenge. I'm definitely hoping to get my own generator by winter.

On my way to work, I drove over the down power lines at the end of my street again, still laying in the exact same position as Saturday.

At my desk all I could think about was, how I was in the middle of a disaster, and wasn't fully prepared. I should have stored more water. I should have purchased a generator. I should have 2 full rain barrels instead of one.

I also realized that I now fit into a new category... because of diabetes, I'm one of those people with special needs. My insulin & supplies must now be included in all plans.

After work I did some laundry at a quiet place & had some time to think. In a matter of 45 minutes life went from normal to very a challenging way to live. It really made me question how life is, what's wasted, what's taken for granted on a daily basis.

By 6:30, power was restored.

The first thing I wanted to do so badly was get in the shower. But I didn't. I felt guilty & wasteful, since I had already washed up for the day. A shower seemed like a huge waste of water, at least until tomorrow.

So I used the bathroom, flushed the toilet, & washed my hands. That felt great.