INSULIN ON ICE: Day 1 - Tornado?

Day 1:
Woke up, looked outside & saw the extreme damage. I knew we had been hit by a tornado (or something) & were still without power...and water. I laid there for a few minutes & then went into shock as I thought... what about my insulin?? It was only 7:30 but I got up & went out in search of ice & gas, since I hadn't filled my Jeep up the night before, and it was in the red.

I found ice around the corner, and got two bags. I found gas a little further away. Then I hit a market & bought some Capri Sun drinks. If the OJ ran out or went bad, those drinks didn't need refrigeration.

Having a well for water is great because there's no water bill...but that means when the power goes out, there's no power for the well either. Which means no water. I wasn't too worried about flushing the toilets. I had recently purchased 2 fifty gallon rain barrels that were both full, giving me 100 gallons of flushing water.

I checked one barrel, which I knew was full, and filled up Athena's 2 gallon water bucket. It was supposed to be a couple of hot days, and my dogs needed water too. Scooby & Brute had two 5 galIon buckets that were full from the storm. I checked the second barrel, and to my chagrin, it only had less than six inches of water in it!! This already cut my water supply in half. I had less than 50 gallons of water for flushing toilets. It didn't seem like it would be enough. I did have potable water stored, so I wasn't worried about that.I just didn't want to use the potable water for flushing toilets; it was reserved for drinking, washing, etc.

As much time as I spent on disaster preparedness... I didn't feel very prepared.