Insulin Pen

I have been using insulin pen for a year and a half now and my A1c’s have been good. I store my pen at work for before lunch in the fridge because it is cleanest place I can keep it. Why does it say NOT to keep pen in fridge after u put the needle on it?
Along with being at a constant temp being in fridge (like when it is sitting in the boxes without the needle on it) and risking the few weeks out of the year being too hot to keep it out on the shop floor and having it go above the recomended temp, I keep it in the fridge after a needle has been put on it.
I have suffered no ill effects and will continue to do so unless someone can tell me the reasoning behind not keeping it in fridge. Anyone have an answer and not just speculation?

I keep mine on cool packs when I travel to and from work as well. However my Pharmacy told me to ALWAYS keep it refrigerated no matter what the insert says. In fact 2 different Pharmacies told me the same thing so keep my Humalog and Lantus in the fridge. I am doing good and has had no ill effects in the 10 months I have been on it.

I believe the reason it is not recommended to store the pen with the needle is because air can get into the needle and/or pen and may cause incorrect dosing. Having said that, I have been using pens for years, and I store my pens (Humalog and Levemir) with needles on in the refrigerator. It is also recommended to discard the pen after 28 days’ use. I have never done that either and just continue to use the pen until it is done. I haven’t had any problems, and I have seen no adverse effects in my control or numbers.


Thanks for your replies so far!
I can understand about leaving the needle on the pen, some people have an issue of it leaking, I have never had that happen. Without it being under any preasure and it at zero, I am not sure how it can leak. I use the same needle until it pinches or untill the pen is used up. With Lantus it is only a matter of 5 days until it is gone. With Humalog it is more like 5 days before it is gone at home and the one time usage at work would be less than 10 days.
For some reason on the humalog pen only , when I replace the needle it takes at least 7 or 8 units before it is primed. That is like 160 units wasted if I replace needle everytime at home for breakfast and dinner and 80 units for the lunch time pen at work. Only 1 unit if I leave needle on.
It says on the box of pens not to refrigerate once you have started to use it. Makes no reference to if a needle is left on pen or not.
Ok here is speculation ( which I am not really interested in hearing.)

Maybe after you pierce the rubber tip with the needle, condensation might be able to form inside of plastic tube and “water down” the insulin a tiny bit so your dosage is not as accurate?

Anyone know the true answer to this question?

Guess not… Will keep the pen in the fridge until I grow that third eye…