Refridgerating Insulin Pens

Okay so I am a little confused…I was given a humalog kwikpen today by my endo and he did not tell me to refridgerate it so I just put it in my purse. But when I dropped my script off at pharmacy they told me when I receive my pens to put them in the fridge…I’m not sure if the endo gave me the humalog pen out of the fridge or not?? But it has been in my purse for the last 7 hours. I will use it for the first time tomorrow. Am I supposed to refridgerate it before I open it? Is it okay to not refridgerate it will it go bad?? I’m so confused. I was told to refridgerate it until you open it and then it’s okay for 28 days…what about before it’s opened??

You should store your pens in the fridge before use. They will keep until their expiration date, far in the future. Once you have started a pen, it should be used within 28 days. You need to keep it from getting too warm or too cold, but you don’t actually have to put it in the fridge. I keep my vials in the fridge, but mostly to just keep the temperature controlled.

Just wondering whether or not the drs office had it in the fridge…? I’m sure they know what they are doing but of course I didnt and had no clue to put it in the fridge lol I have no idea what I’m doin here this is like a foreign country!! So I did not put it in the fridge and I will be using it today…thats fine right?

Keep your current pen at room temperature and the rest of your insulin in the fridge. Don’t inject insulin straight from the fridge as it might sting - at least that’s what I’ve been told, I have never tried it.

I keep the current pen outside in the little polka-dottted basket that holds all my diabetes kit, plus a spare one also at room temperature just in case you have technical problems with the current one.

The sample pen from the dr should be fine as others have said ok at room temp for 28 days. It was most likely stored in the refridegerator. The pens from the pharmacy may last you longer than 28 days depending on the dose as there are 5 pens in a box.

Medical offices keep insulin refrigerated. Pharmacies refrigerate insulin. Insulin ordered on-line is shipped with ice packs.

Once used, you can keep the pens refrigerated or not. Unopened insulin should be kept in the fridge. Don’t store in the refrigerator door because it gets shaken up. Your pharmacist was advising you to store the new pens in the refrigerator until you need to use them.

Keep the pen you are currently using out of the 'frig. All others ( the ones you got at the Pharmacy) should be refrigerated until you start using them. One at a time. In the 'frig they are good until the expiration date. Out of the 'frig they are good for 28 days.

Oh okay well i was just concerned because the pen was taken out of the fridge at the doctor 24 hours ago now and not refridgerated and not opened yet. This is ok right?

Yes it is fine. So long as it stays under 86 degrees it is good outside of the fridge for 28 days whether you use it or not. The ones you are not using should go in the fridge and are good until the expiration date on the pens/packaging, of course until you take it out of the fridge.

It’s fine. Don’t worry!

If my pen runs out I go to the Fridge and get another to finish the dose and it has never stung

The pen you are using is fine not being in the fridge. Just make sure it dosen’t get too hot (like leaving it in a car in the summertime), or too cold (like leaving it in the car in the wintertime so it freezes).
I keep mine in My Coat pocket, or in my backpack. It’s all good, just no extreme temperatures or the Insulin will be no good.

p.s. - injecting cold insulin stings like heck! (For Me at least! :slight_smile: )

Thanks for the replies everyone just wanted to make sure I was doing everything right as I am currently insulin illeterate lol I will be taking my first dose in one hour…AHHH!!

Enjoy! You’ll be able to eat carbs within reason and even that dark chocolate bar that bsc was talking about.

You should get a copy of “Think Like a Pacreas” by Gary Scheiner and/or “Using Insulin” by John Walsh to learn the nuts and bolts of managing blood sugar with insulin.


Already have both of them and have memorized every page lol or in the process of reading it over and over again. Thanks! :slight_smile: