Insulin pens with memory

I just found the HumaPen Memoir by Lilly that actually stores up to 16 previous doses in memory. I love this idea as I am horrible at writing down what I injected and what time I injected it. Does anybody know of any other pens, either new or soon-to-be-released that have this feature? I use Apidra, and it seems to be a great insulin for me, but I might think about switching to Humalog just to use a pen like this.

I also found the HumaPen Luxura which increments in 1/2 unit doses, which is another option I would love to have for rapid-acting.

Anyone have any insights or scoop?

I say amen to that. I’m only 2 months into this thing and have already gotten so slack about writing anything down. I’m currently arguing w/ my friend who works for NovoNordisk about how the flexpen sucks and they need this kind of device. She seems to think it would be some sort of trouble. I told her to write down what she eats and when she eats it and how many carbs are in it, then note her blood sugars 8 times a day and pretend she has to inject and write that down and how much was injected and what time it is.

I use the Huma Pen Luxura with my daughter. It is the only pen that my endo recommended that came in 1/2 units. That’s really important for us. I LOVE the idea of a pen that actually stores doses in memory. I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 17month old so add that to the usual pitfalls of logging everything. But I HAVE to wite it all down because I can’t remember 10 minutes later what I did or sometimes even if I gave her an injection. It’s the only thing that keeps me from worrying too much about how things are going D wise with her.

I am supposed to start using the humapen memoir this week, This will be my first time using any kind of insulin pen. I have been using vials and syringes for the past 4 years. If I like it I plan on switching to the Symlin and Lantus pen as well.

I started the humapen memoir, symlin pen and lantus solostar all Friday and honestly I don’t know why I didn’t use the pens sooner. I started out on syringes and vials and never wanted to try the pen, but now I am glad I switched to them.

I loved the memoir so much I paid for insulin cartridges out of pocket… (yes my insurer is known for not paying for pens… They are a “convienence, not a medical necessity”… But doesnt the cost and compliance dictate the slight cost difference… No of course not… But there are ways to cut costs here if you are excellent with aseptic technique.

Now if only my digestive system automatically kept 16 previous carb records, diabetes would be… cake.