Insulin pens

Hi friends :slight_smile:
I was just wondering why when using insulin pens - novopen echo in my case - there is sometimes a drop of insulin at the pen tip after the injection ( this is normal according time the manual ) and sometimes there’s not ??? Anyone else find this happens.
I always prime the pens and watch the plunger move down as I give the injection so I know it’s not blocked and always leave it under the skin for a count of 10 ten after injecting … just find it strange how large the drop seems sometimes and other times there’s no droplet at all ??

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@Amelia3 Evidently you aren’t alone. This is a link to a recent discussion about dribbling insulin pens. You might find it interesting.

Down stream @mark19 posted a link to a study on the problem.<109%3A%3AAID-PDI42>3.0.CO%3B2-N

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Yep it happens to me, I don’t know whether I got the full dose to be honest. But try leaving the needle in for longer, I find the droplet doesn’t happen as often if I do that.

Same here. Always that little drop at the end no matter how long you wait. Sometimes I give it 30 seconds, jiggle the needle in and out a little bit just to see if that helps, but nope.

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