InPen issues

Anyone use one?

I had an issue this morning where I took 5 units. It looked like it gave me 5 units, but then injecting it, it didn’t feel right. There might have been air. It went too slowly. But then when I looked at the needle after injecting, there was the little drop of insulin on it. So I forgot about it UNTIL I look at my glucose monitor and it’s saying I’m 293!! Then I took a correction dose, 3 units. Still didn’t do much (but that felt like the regular injection. It’s slower). It went down. I was 149 before lunch. Then at lunch I took 4 units. It worked. 2 hours after lunch I’m 148. Now I’m totally paranoid about this pen. I’m wondering if I need to prime (and thereby waste insulin) before each dose, or call the manufacturer, or what? What would you do? Thanks.

I meant during the first injection that it went too quickly. It didn’t go slow enough. thanks.

So scary! I use an InPen and have had it go wonky before and dose too little. I will say their customer service people are great about replacing pens and do it very quickly. As a side note, I always prime a half unit before each dose just to be safe. Hope everything straightens out for you!

My Echo pen almost always has a drop after removing the needle from me. A half unit is more than a few drops. Sounds like your inpen is working fine.

Actually, it wasn’t working fine. Different kind of pen. Going to contact the manufacturer. This doesn’t happen all the time, but it did happen a few times before this. So maybe it is time for a new pen.

Thanks everyone!

I have been using digital pens for over 20 years; however, I do not use the InPen because you can only dose in 0.5u, whereas digital pens available in other countries (Non-FDA approved) dose in 0.1 unit increments and have been available for decades. I used to have less than the dialed amount injected from time to time when using certain long-acting insulins while reusing the same needle for several injections. Lantus and Levemir were the worst. After five or so injections, they would plug up. To mitigate that, I would flush out those insulins with 1 unit of Humalog every 2-3 injections. I no longer use long-acting insulin, so I no longer have this issue. I only use Humalog and change my needle out about once a month, so with an average of 6 injections a day, I get about 180 error-free injections per needle. This may not be your issue, but it is worth reviewing if you reuse needles.

I always prime InPen before injection. Its worth the waste to know you are getting insulin! Also , always have a little drop after removing pen. Truly love this gadget.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I never reuse needles. Going to call the manufacturer.


Thanks Lisa. I primed today. No problem. Thank you for the reminder.

I use the InPen and love it for the most part. Only thing I don’t like is they don’t make Lyumjev cartridges. It’s my favorite insulin. I do always prime with a half unit before each injection. Have never had a problem.