Insulin Pools Under My Skin

I am a pump user and I typically put my infusion site on my stomach. I have noticed that I have two lumps about the size of the quick set, you know, the adhesive part and all on my stomach. I guess it comes from not rotating it enough. But now I am trying to lose weight but I cant seem to get rid of the “pools”. Anyone have any suggestions as how to get rid of the “pools”? I have stopped putting my inserton sites in that area, but I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

Rotating sites is very important, Crystal. I try to not go within a square inch of a site in 30 days. This is hard for me because I’m short and I also have a huge scar on my abdomen. So I got an inserter and I get my husband to help me put it places on my backside that I can’t reach. I am also using my thighs (not my fav) and for those I’m using 6mm cannula sets. I still have problems with scar tissue. hope this helps - I never got “pools” but it sounds like you need to give those areas a rest. keep in touch.

Thanks. I have given the areas a rest for several months but I can’t seem to get the skin to smooth back out. Maybe massaging the area with a cream of some sort may help.

Crystal- I have heard that they are very hard to get rid of. I have a similar situation from overusing the upper rear end. I’ve decided to give it a break for at least a year and see if it improves.

I’ll look if I can find any suggestions for you.

All my doctors tell me to ONLY use my stomach, but I just don’t listen. Now I mostly use my love handles, upper thighs (on the outer side) and sometimes my stomach.

I have the same problem on my stomach from not rotating sites often enough. After not using my stomach at all for the past 6 years (now I use my thighs, love handles and butt), the little bubbles of scar tissue on my stomach are still there. Plus, they never changed shape or size through weight loss or gain. I wish I had something better to offer as far as advice goes, but let us know if you figure anything out!

And same as Kristin, my doctors have told me to only use my stomach! Not sure why, but I don’t listen either =)

Well, I looked into a procedure called mesotherapy. If my weight loss and ab training doesn’t work, then I am going to do the mesotherapy. That’s the only thing that I can think of that will be able to resolve this issue other than liposuction or something like that…