Site "freckles"

OK, I haven’t worn a bikini in 25 years and don’t plan to, but I am getting a little tired of the site “freckles” all over my stomach. Has anybody found a way to avoid them or lessen them?

I had to stop using my abdomen because of scar tissue a couple of years ago. If you can rotate to other sites, it might lessen the frequency of the belly freckles at least. =/

what sites work for you. everytime I have tried another area I end up pulling it out!

My favorite sites now are on my upper tush, to be honest. Thighs work really well for me absorption-wise, but yes, I end up pulling those out unless I use a lot of extra tape - on the tubing, too. Lovehandles, upper abdomen (up under the chest), upper arms (though it’s tougher on tubed pumps)… Anywhere you can pinch!

What pump/infusion sets do you use?

i mostly use my hips and lower back.

During bikini time I use my hips and lower back and let my stomach heal up a bit. Neosporin is my friend. However, since starting with the CGMS, pump sites are in competition with sensor sites.

neosporine? When? When you pull the site out?

thanks for your suggestions, I have started using the love handles and neosporin when I remove a site.

One more question, does anyone know if the “freckles” are scars or little bruises?