Insulin Pump Security... What are your thoughts


A concerned relative sent me a link to this news story as I wear an insulin pump..

I have to admit I am not too bothered by this, as to be honest if somebody really wanted to do me some harm there are an almost infinite way in which they could choose to do so ha..

Although I suppose sitting outside your ex diabetic wife's house and triggering her insulin to pump with a laptop to dispense 300 units in the early hours of the morning for those may represent the perfect crime ha..

Quote: "We can influence any pump within a 300ft [91m] range," Mr Jack told the BBC.

Most pump manufacturers have developed their own communication protocol. These protocols often just rely on obscurity instead of built-in security. In contrast the latest standard of bluetooth has established a high level of security. This has been tested and reviewed because it is an open standard that is based on key exchange. Thus I would consider the Accu-Chek Combo as being secure - although I do not know if they really use bluetooth 2.1

Here is another discussion:

I have the accu chek combo and they do use bluetooth 2.1 :)

Who would do such a thing though?

I'm not concerned about it at all. My pump whirrs pretty audibly when it's blazing away.

That was my reply to the relative, I said my pump is noisy as hell and I would bloody well feel 315 units going into the pump site. As anything over 10 units for me starts to sting..

Also my pump is set for a maximum bolus of 15 units.

Highly unlikely I know, but I have heard of stranger things.

exactly! maximum bolus setting is the way to control this from happening.