Insulin Pump Soon!

So in about 14 days I am going to have my insulin pump. I'm pretty excited about it but also pretty nervous. This is a big step for me. The one thing I'm nervous about is how much its going to hurt. Silly I know... I should be used to that sort of thing with MDI 4-6 times a day. I guess I'm kind of odd when I do my shots, I don't just jam it into my stomach I tend to put it in really slowly..does anyone else do it like that? So yeah my big question is the pain factor. I'm pretty sure they will give me one of those inserter things for the sets so maybe it will just go so quick my body won't have time to react?
Another question, I'm thinking about doing the sets in the back of my arm, when you do that do you make it so the tube is pointing up and string it thru your arm sleeve, down thru your shirt or do you have the tube facing down and just have it hanging out of the shirt...I would think it was make it a lot easier to pull out that way! So those were the two main things i've been thinking about lately, any responses would be great or any other tips that are helpful regarding the insulin pump :) Many thanks! :)

Thanks :) I'll probably mostly stick with my stomach because thats what i'm most comfortable with but I do want to try my legs and arms but kinda scared to. We'll see how it goes...

I am soon going on the Animas Ping, following 38 years of injections. For 25 years I only used my arms and legs, refusing to use my stomach as an injection site. So I can relate to your worries.

Well, keep me posted! I'm waiting for my pump, nurse said for June...

I am weird like youuu! I do it very slowly and if it hurts I change places, until I find a comfortable one (so stupid cause then i'm pricking myself up to 3 times more, lol), if I go fast I get bruises, but sometimes there is no choice like in the middle of winter. Can't wait to not have to lift all the layers of clothes in public to get to my skin!

I did shots all over the place and generally did them slowly too. I have a Medtronic pump and it doesn't bother me much at all. I only use my stomach, other than a couple of times in the "love handle" area (not, of course, that I have love handles...;-)) so I'm not sure about the arm thing but if I were to use my ar I'd definitely run it up towards the armhole, not down and back