Insulin Pump Arrives Wednesday (eeek)

Hello, this is my first post!

A little about me, I was diagnosed with Type 2 in 2013 in DKA with a blood glucose level of 980. Since then, I have been in DKA 2 more times and last month my diagnosis was changed to Type 1B (idiopathic Diabetes or Flatbush Diabetes) according to my Endo. My current A1c is 14.5 despite MDIs, corrections and Victoza (which made me very sick)

Soooooo, with that change she offered me an insulin pump and I just got BCBS insurance approval, but now I am quite nervous since it is on the way!! Is there anyone here that pumps? Does the infusion set hurt to put in? How were the first couple of weeks?

Thanks in Advance for your help!

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T1 here, but Sure-T’s don’t hurt at all. Others vary. Sure-T = Contact Detach or similar. No cannula to kink–just a super tiny needle that rarely is uncomfortable. and if it is, you can move it. can’t do that with a cannula set.

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Thank you Dave!! I will have to look into that. The pump I am getting is a Tandem so it comes with their infusion sets. I wonder if they are proprietary? I am just hoping it doesn’t hurt, I am a big baby when it comes to shots…of course I would end up an Insulin Dependent Diabetic! lol


pumping is easy once you get the hang of it. you have more freedom with it than shots. i called it my pancreas. the infusion set doesnt hurt putting them in. at first i was nervous but then i got the hang of it and love it. what pump are you going with?

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John Walsh’s Pumping Insulin was my “bible”. I read that cover to cover a few times, as have others that pump.


I don’t know if there is a comparable set for Tandem. I’d have to see their online “store” to take a look-see

Thank you Amy, that made me 2.8% less scared! :grinning:

I have went with the T:Flex, i need absurd amounts of insulin right now so my endo said its better to have the large capacity now and if I need less later that’s okay!

Okay! I will grab that tonight! Thank you!

im thinking about switching to that one as animas is going out of business…i would love to hear your experience with it :slight_smile:

I will keep you posted, so far the customer service has been amazing!

@Amy2 - What is your TDD ? You mentioned you use a Dexcom - correct? Bear in mind that the t:flex does not have Dexcom integration.

The t:slim X2 has both the Dexcom integration as well as the remote update capability to be able to download the future Tandem updates as they become available.

I don’t know what selection of infusion sets Tandem offers but depending on what they have and what you use, try either an “all in one” set that includes an inserter or use a separate inserter device for the infusion set. The inserters are fast, easy, and you don’t see the little needle and cannula so it doesn’t hurt at all. I tried a T-slim about a year ago and it uses a luer lock if I remember correctly so it should work with any infusion set except Medtronic.

Best of luck! Happy pumping!

Pretty much like @Dave44 & @Jane_Vaugh said Tandem pumps use the Following Insets
The main tubing lengths are 60cm(23") Short Tubing or 110cm(43") Long Tubing

AutoInsets 90º & 30º
T-90 in 6mm or 9mm Soft Canula Length
T-30 in 13mm or 17mm Soft Canula Length longer due to angle goes about same depth as 6mm or 9mm. Perpendicular 90deg

Manual Insets
Contact Detach 90º Steel Canula 6mm/9mm
60cm(23") Short Tubing or 110cm(43") Long Tubing

Comfort Short 30º 13mm/17mm Soft Canula 80cm(31") Medium Tubing only one with this length tubing.
I think they also have it in the Short Tubing & Long Tubing.

The Tandem Pump has an excellent Users Manual that you should read through it has nice exercise questions on lessons in chapters on Carb Counting and pump terminology.

During your Info session at your Endo ask the Tandem rep any questions and have them let you try any Insets you are interested in. Although when I was Diagnosed I was quick to do self injections. I started out with the Auto Insets which I’d recommend. Now that I’m used to the process I’m comfortable doing the Manual insets but it took a little time.

Good Luck with your training session.