Insulin Pumps and Wedding Dresses

Calling all brides that wore their insulin pumps for their wedding, or anyone who knows one! I am getting married in just a few short weeks and have not thought at all about where to put my infusion set and my pump. My dexcom will be on one of my arms, that’s the way i’ve always done it but as far as the pump and infusion set go, i’m stumped. Putting a pocket into my dress will not work, neither will a thigh garter. It’s a tight thin dress with a low back and when i say from the stomach down to your knees you can see everything, i literally mean everything from underwear lines to cellulite. As far as the pump goes, as much as I am proud to wear it, I would rather it not be super obvious in photos. Does anyone have any ideas or is my best bet to just watch my numbers and keep it off for a while? Help!!!

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Well you could have your infusion set someplace that you can access, and connect the pump every hour for a few minutes to give yourself the basal fose that you’d have gotten over that hour. And give your bolus the same way. But the pump will beep like crazy if you have it disconnected over the one hour (if it’s a tandem).


Which pump?

If Tandem X2, do you have one of the supported cell phones for remote bolus? You could possibly have pump on inner thigh. The phone would be used to send bolus, but only some models are compatible.

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Are you planning to wear a bra? Whenever I wear a dress I take the pump out of it’s case and stick it in the gap between the cups. I can barely see it and I know it’s there. If that won’t work for you then maybe go MDI for the big day?

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First off, congrats!

The way fabric stretches over the curves of the body usually means the dress is not against your skin for a couple inches in the small of your back. And I know you said low cut in the back but no designer is going to show crack so there should be a tiny amount of space to work with. When I worked in the theatre something like this would work 99% if the time. It probably won’t line up with your dress but it may give you an idea to have something made.

Plan B was usually to tape the mic transmitter in place. It was never my suggestion but some accesses preferred it.

Plan C… Going off pump and scheduling times for CGM checks and discrete injections with your maid of honor or wedding planner would be easier.

Good luck finding a solution and I hope you have an amazing day!

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