Question for the ladies: Tslim/Dex integration

Sorry guys, but you won’t be of much help to me here…

I’m so excited, because it looks like my insurance is finally on board for a CGM!!!

I have a Tslim X2, which generally lives in my cleavage 24/7. It’s just the most convenient location for me because it’s always easy to access, reaches all points I might place an infusion set, easily clips to a bra or tank top, and tucks discreetly away. I’ve not used any other location since the new/slimmer cases came out.

My concern is that I’ve read a lot about the weak communication between Tslim and dexcom, and that they need to be on the same side of the body. I’m looking for feedback from other ladies who keep the pump in their cleavage. I know the signal doesn’t transmit through an entire body well, but can it handle just the volume of a breast? Say, the dexcom is on a arm and the Tslim is centrally located between bra cups, will that block signal? Does it matter which direction the pump is orientated? I usually have the touchscreen pressed flat against my skin on the inside of the bra, and the clip hooked over the outside.

I’m not very good with change, especially when I like things a certain way. As happy as I am over the prospect of a Dex, I’ll be really bummed if I have to get used to a new location for the pump.

OK…Let’s open this up to the guys. I have a Dexcom 6 with a tslim. I have no problems with communication as long as the screen is facing outward. As long as I do that, I can have the G6 on the far left side and the Tslim in my right front pocket and I have no problem. Reads thru my belly just fine. Distance is roughly 20-24"" and without getting too personal, I am betting my belly has a lot more mass than…Let’s just leave it there. Just to confirm - If I do turn the screen towards my leg, I do run into communication problems. Makes little sense to me, but it seems to work that way.

Thank you, you made me laugh. I was so concerned specifically about boobs, I never stopped to consider other similar fleshy bits.

Bummer about the orientation, though. I was afraid of that. It just sits better facing me.

Seen as @Matt31 opened this up…

The BLE communication between X2 and G6 has been specifically improved upon as compared to the X2 and G5.

It actually is a huge difference and a very noticeable improvement.

Glad to help. Just to be fully forthcoming here. My Tslim is an X2. The pump is 2 months old. It is a bummer about the screen out orientation. I am an avid hiker/climber and my pump lives in my front pants pocket. I prefer to turn the pump screen in for damage control. Habit dictates that I put in in my pocket screen back occasionally and I due have issues then.

Thank you, good to know!