Insulin pumps

im having insulin innjections 5 times a day .Last time isaw my diabetic doc i asked him about useing a pump but he said i was well controlled on my injections and said i would be wiser doing it that way .what happens if u need 2 types of insulin does the pump accomodate 2 types?

Andrew, pumps only use short-acting insulin, such as Humalog. You program them to give you a certain amount for every hour of the day, which is called your basal. For example, right now I am getting 1.1 units per hour, and it delivers a drop every 3 minutes. The other way it is delivered is as a bolus, which is when you tell it to give you an amount to cover carbs for a meal, or as a correction to bring you down. Research the insulin pumpers forum, where you posted this to find out more.

What a great explanation that was, ty for it. I am currently taking 60 units of Lantus before bedtime, plus a minimum of 3 shots of Novolog each day, I sure would like to cut the number of shots down. I can’t help but feel it would be better for my body to take the Basal a little at a time, instead of just one big glob, I haven’t ever heard anything that says it is bad for me, just my thinking i guess. I built a spreadsheet, and am giving myself the meal bolus based on carbs injested, plus it is calculating my correction for me. I have found that my correction bolus is really three diff. ones depending on the time of day, I am sensitive to varying degrees. I wonder if one of those CGM systems like the Dexcom 7 day one would help? It would get me on top of a rapid change much earlier then now (5+ finger sticks per day). I did buy the CalorieKing Nutrtion program and I am using the ONeTouch Diabetes Management Program to track BG,Insulin, calories, and carbs.

how long have you been on your pump marie? I think over here in the uk thyre not as advanced about the pumps.Weve only just got colour televisions lol soooooooooo behind the times

andy, I’m sure dave has sent you a good explanation too. he is very knowledgeable on pump therapy, and I think his wife has one too (?). I’ve been pumping for almost 20 years, all of them on the Disetronic/Accu-chek brand. I have a few friends here at TuD from the UK on pumps, and a couple that were trying to get their approvals. it’s not as easy to get one in the UK as here. I have very expensive private insurance, I must mention.

thanx Dave will look at it now

very interesting website Dave and educational too .Any one else who is considering having a pump go look at the website Daves posted

Hi andrew,

I just started pumping on a Minimed 522 and can tell you that the improvement is massive.

I think I wouldn’t go back to shots unless forced to.

Good luck with your research.

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Hi Andrew
When I switched to the pump I was on 4 shots a day and in good control. A perfect candidate by most docs. I have been on the pump for 8 years, it has provided so much more freedom, flexibility, and control over my diabetes. If you think this is right for you…go for it.

Hi Estel. I just started my pump two weeks ago and I’ve had to go to so many classes I should be a pro by now :slight_smile: As far as what you said about the “basal” working better a little at a time instead of a big glob, that seems to be true. Lantus relies on your body to give you that “big glob” a little at a time through out the day. The pump basically makes sure that happens :slight_smile: A lot of people (myself included) have found that their bodies aren’t always so good at absorbing the Lantus the way it should so they have unexplainable highs or lows. Also, the good thing about the pump is if you do need three different corrections depending on the time of the day you can program your pump to know that (or at least I know you can with mine). I’m not completely in control now that I’m on the pump (it takes a lot of fine tuning) but I can see that I will be and I’m glad I’m doing it! Good luck,

You’d have to pry my pump from my cold dead hand before I went back to MDI! There is simply no comparison!