Insulin question

I have a question for you long timers. Once I pull insulin out of the vial into a syringe, how long is it good for? I’m talking not refridgerated, fast acting insulin.



My guess would be about a month-- if it is at normal temperature. I don’t think that pulling it out of the vial should make a difference.

I’ve only prefilled syringes to take with me for the day, so I’ve only had insulin in the syringe for 8-9 hours max. This amount of time didn’t effect the potency, but I use a Frio wallet to keep the insulin cool. I wonder if being in the plastic syringe would eventually effect it since our insulin is in glass vials.

That was my thought… Glass vs. Plastic… I was only going to take enough for dinner and possibly dessert afterwards. The purse I was going to carry is small and I didn’t want to have to carry a bigger one just for my insulin wallet as it’s kinda big… LOL I’m just being vain I guess!

Thanks guys!


Will be fine for that amount of time. I always fill for more than I’ll need just in case. I put the sryinge (& sometimes the insulin vial) in my meter case since have to carry that along anyway.

Hope you have enough room for your glucometer , strips and finger poker ? My mate is always willing to put paraphenelia in his pant pocket .Have a marvelous dinner !!

Agreed. My insulin stays in my plastic pump cartridge for 10+ days and I have no problem with it spoiling.

Just be sure that you pack the syringe so that it doesn’t squirt out all the insulin before you need it :slight_smile: That always make me nervous! I saw these insulin cases, which looks nice.

Hmmn, Novolog pens are supposed to be good for 28 days after they are taken out of the Fridge.

Vials are the same stuff, so as long as the syringe stays sterile you should be good to go.

if you keep it out of direct sunlight, and keep it either cool or room temperature, you will use it long before it goes ‘bad’. It is critical to keep it out of direct sunlight or temperatures above 86* for extended periods or the insulin molecular bonds will become weaker and weaker until finally the bonds break down and the insulin is no longer any good.

Is the plastic in pumps the same type of plastic that’s used in syringes?

Good question. I don’t know.

I have been told that if insulin is out of the fridge its good fro 28 days… so I guess the same thing goes as long as its in a syringe

Curious because people were equating insulin being in a syringe for a period of time & insulin remaining in a pump. I don’t have a pump & don’t know what the pump cartridge looks like.

Great response insulin buddie :wink:

i think that the main difference between syringe vs. vial would be the susceptibility to temperature change. i know that heat to cold to heat will kill insulin faster than just heat will. i have been working in savannah for a couple of months and i have had insulin die here going from 100 degree out side to air-conditioning back out side… the other thing that will kill it i found out… is lightning. on Saturday i was walking across a park and lightning hit close to me, knocked me down, the pod was dead, and the insulin was very cloudy. ( i tried to take it out to reuse it… was almost brand new)

The pump reservoirs look similar to the material of an insulin syringe, but I don’t know if they are actually the same.

not that i can really tell. i have had a bad headache since… should probably get it checked out… certainly not an everyday occurrence…

Glad you’re ok! Notice any supernatural powers:)

I have prefilled syringes for 17 years, with no problems. I fill some with Humalog and 1 or 2 with my Levemir and mark them. I carry them in a hard bound sunglass case. I leave them in for about 1 month. If I havent used all of them then I throw out and start all over again.

I always have insulin with me. I am just OC when it come to going anywhere without my life support! lol