Pre fill levemir syringes

Does anyone pre fill levemir syringes. Our daughter gets 2.5 units each night and I was thinking of pre filling the syringes for a week or two.

Yes I have heard about pre-filling syringes. People have spoke about it here. Just make sure you know which insulin type is in them (maybe place them in a labeled zip lock bag or something).

I was only going to do it for our Levemir since the novolog changes based on the carbs she eats. Do we need to keep the syringes with the tips up to prevent crystals from forming?

One thing I have heard is that insulin can only last like 6 days in a plastic container, which is one reason why I can’t prefill my pump reservoirs weeks in advance and just stick them in the fridge until i need them.

That being said, only prefill the syringes for a week at the most, and it would probably be better to limit it to 3 or 4 days in advance.

Also, if you’re only using 2.5 units a day out of a 10000 unit vial, you will end up throwing out most of the insulin anyway, so i would talk the my doctor about getting pens, which would save you money, as well as the hassle of filling up syringes.

Thanks for the reply, we have been told the pen leaks to much and with the low dosage it would be a issue. If I can only pre-fill 5 days worth, it probably not worth it.

I’ve heard the same that plastic will effect insulin after days. I only prefill syringes for the day to take with me.

I’m probably the exception, but I didn’t like pens. I had bruising & they hurt.