Lots of Insulin and water retension Type 2

I am a T2 diabetic that uses 400u of Levemir (Basal) and 200u of Humalog (Bolus).
Someone asked me how much is a lot? Well diabetes like most thing is personal and varies person to person. I am one of those 2% that have insulin resistance (severe) yet my A1c’s on 7.4 , I just use a pile of insulin. I also belong to the T2 group of people that have the morning phenomenas when the liver dumps glucose near dawn and my BG hits 220. I compensate with my Humalog on a 1u to 1 u ratio and start my day. Humalog and Humlin N have always caused my huge water gains and since I have switch to Levemir for my long acting, it cut my water retention in half. Now I have to find a good fast acting that does not cause me to hold water. I was taking 160ml of lasix and can now reduce the dose. In some people insulin can reduce the effect of lasix even if you have great kidney function as mine is .8. I have found that the best doctor is knowledge and that is why I wrote this and joined this site as well.

I keep you posted of my trials and errors

Hi Peter,
What insulin were you using before you switched to Levemir? And do you use Humalog during the day after your bolus in the morning?

Humilin N and Humilin R was replace by Levemir. (Really Great stuff)

Yes I use the Humalog during the day if needed and only on a carb count too.

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I am not familiar with the Humilin N or the Humilin R. Are they like Lantus, long acting?

Humilin N is an old long act with a delayed peak, good for those with high morning BG,

Humilin R is old style regular insulin, slower that Humalog fast than Lantus.

Lantus replaces Humilin N.


Peter I really appreciate your patience with me. I use Lantus in the morning and another dose in the evening before bed. I also use the Humalog during the day for my fast acting. I have a huge problem with water retention. I am also in kidney failure too which doesn’t help. I am not on dialysis yet. I was thinking since reading your post that if Levemir worked so well for you, maybe i could talk to my doctor about it and ask if we could try it for me. I am so glad you wrote about this. I can’t take the Lasix because that medication works on the part of the kidneys that is truly failing for me. I use Bumex. I want to do everything I can to put off the dialysis as long as I can. I am not a candidate for a kidney transplant. I have other organ systems that are in trouble also and won’t support me for a big surgery like that or if I would take the antirejection meds for years. I keep all diabetics in my prayers. But if this is something that we can use for me I will keep you in my prayers for the rest of my life. Bless you for giving me some hope of finding something to help me. And thank you so much for choosing this subject to write about.

Glad to help! You can use apple cider vinegar (unfiltered) from any health store to improve kidney function and help your diabetes. One shot glass a day is all that is needed. Right now I am tested a capsulized reduced form of apple cider vinegar. To see how that works if I can keep my function good then maybe I will recommend it.

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Hi Peter,
I am also t2 and on insulin. I just started about a month ago. I also take oral meds (metformin and glipizide) Maximum doses. I’m trying to adjust the amount of insulin. Right now I’m taking 22 units of NPH insulin. I have a problem with morning highs (200 to 300). With the 22 units it has gone down to 146. I don’t see anyone taking this type of insulin???


NPH Humulin N is a 12 hour life & 8 hour peak insulin and is used with people with High morning blood sugars. NPH can have unexpected results as it did with me. My sugar levels were improved but I started holding water and a lot of it too. (metformin and glipizide) should be used with caution as glipizide forces the beta cell to crank out what ever insulin you can make and metformin will limit the glucose your liver can create. Combine they can put you in a real low-low and force a bounce in blood sugars at the minimum. I was told by a pharmacology agent that once your on the needle (insulin) get rid of (metformin and glipizide) and if you need to limit those morning BG’s the look at Byetta. I am not a doctor and don’t purport to be one but, I can tell you that I have lost 17 lbs and feel much better without (metformin and glipizide). If you are still using a family doctor, you need to get a specialists.

Keep up the good work

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