Insulin roatation and I port Injection port

First…has any used the I Port Inject Port? Are they worth it?
Second…my daughter was diagnosed 6 months ago and we have had a routine of injecting in the back of left arm, Right arm, right stomach and left stomach. We do on use the same site 2 days in a row. But now the doc say the back of her arms have building up fat. I don’t understand this. Its not like it a lump it more like almost the whole upper back side of her arms. Does this make sense. We have avoided the legs because it cause extreme pain 50% of the time.
We have started doing the butt more but she really does not like it. I thought if you did only on injection in a site a day it would not build up?

I have not done shots in almost 9 years…so this is from when I was on MDI… I loved my stomach for shots (still do!). I still have the 2 egg-shaped scar tissue pockets to prove it… To begin with, the scar tissue can do tricky stuff with insulin absorption. It can cause the insulin to not absorb as fast or as efficiently. When I have to go back to doing shots (i.e. when I’m high), I have to remember to increase my correction factor slightly… Not a big deal in the long run for me… I just wish I had actually listened to my parents and doctor about not shooting in the same place time and again…

You said that it looks like your daughter has fat build up. Seeing as she was diagnosed 6 months ago, how much of this is weight gain as she has stabilized her numbers? The main thing is to keep about 0.5" away from the previous couple of injections. Can you “bribe” your daughter with something if she does not have a shot in the arms for a week? I really wanted an Atari game when I was learning how to do shots… I did all of mine for a month to get the baseball game!

Good luck!