Pump site issues

My daughter is on a insulin pump and we have been noticing that when we have the infusion set in her side her numbers run higher than when its in her arm. She does not have any scare tissue built up. I was wondering if others have this same fluctuation? If so, do you just change the basal based on the site?

May have to do with as an active child she's moving around more and the insulin just absorbs better in her arms. I've been having issues too lately...but Im thinking mine is a new med problem even though it SAYS its not supposed to raise blood sugar. Its the only thing new. Me personally I'd set a basal pattern for side infusions if u notice she is needing more there. Just remember though when going back to the arms to go back to the other pattern. BUT lol you might want the opinion of someone more experienced pumping. Ive just started myself.

It's probably due to location. While I do not change my basal rates, I will notice a more rapid blood sugar change with I am infusing in my thigh (less fat) to my buttock (more fat). Was the same way back when I was on MDI's. I could not do morning injection (larger amount then) in my arms otherwise I would be eating pounds of glucose tabs. But if I needed a fast absorption of insulin, I shot in my arm. So I would think your idea has merit and would be a good experiment to see if your daughters control is more stable if you change her basals based on location of the site. Good luck!

Anytime I inject or infuse into an area with less fat and more muscle (arms, thighs, etc), I get faster absorption and lower BGs. I try to rotate all my sites around the middle of my body (lower back, abdomen, buttocks, etc). I avoid my arms and legs because they are muscular and the absorption is just too fast for me. For me, changing basal rates might help, but then I would have the issue of insulin absorbing too fast when I bolused.