Insulin + Strips Savings 'Cards' and Insurance

The past few weeks of dealing with the sign ups and calculating monthly/annual costs has finally gotten to the point where it just feels so hopeless. With the silver plan having a 30% brand co-insurance rather than a flat copay, I pay 170 premiums just so I can have a $100-120 copay for Novolog and Lantus because of their insane retail prices.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with or information to share about these Savings Cards, since I'm still waiting on insurance to kick in to try them. Specifically I printed:

Novo Nordisk's Cornerstone4Care - supposedly gives you $25 Novolog Flexpen copays (or up to $100 off) for two years 'when you start'

Sanofi /McKesson - same $25 offer as above for Lantus Solostar refills

Bayer Contour Choice / Emdeon TherapyFirst - "pay no more than $35/month"

I'm assuming if they have annual limits, you probably just re-register with a different e-mail when it expires and get a new print-out. In the mean time, you can really use them for every refill? They just seem too good to be true though. My $100+ novolog/lantus copays just magically become $25? The back of the card instructs the pharmacist to enter the policy info on the card as a 'secondary insurance' or something into the computer.

My other concern was that the way it's worded, it almost sounds like you need to physically walk in with a new paper prescription and the printed card in order for it to work? ...or can you just hand it to them when you go to pickup and pay for a refill? My doctor hasn't actually written a prescription in years... she just keeps sending in more refills for the same one electronically while I'm at my appointment and they're instantly there, so that might be a problem.

Again, this all just sounds way too good to be true, but I'm trying to stay optimistic until I try them all once because the alternative is barely affording to survive / moving back in with parents.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

This is the only 'card' that I have tried: The FreeStyle Promise(R) Program. The card is free and it has paid $45 towards my $60 copay for FreeStyle® Brand Test Strips several times. Last time my copay was $25, but still a lot less than $60.
I have also heard that Walmart has their own brand of insulin and test strips - Reli-on - I think. Prior to help with insurance, I was purchasing those test strips, because of the price.

For my daughter’s supplies we’ve used:
Apidra copay card–$0 copay for the 2+ years she was on it

Bayer Contour Choice—dropped our copay on Contour test strips to $15

NovoNordisk—we got this last May thinking it was ongoing. $0 copay, but for 1 use only. Now when we try for the copay discount card you mentioned, it says we already have one.

AccuChek–we currently use this for Smartview strips for the Nano. $20 copay.