Insulin Syringes

Why is it that ever since Covid lockdowns started that Amazon suddenly requires a business account and healthcare license to order insulin syringes? Many of us as diabetics use several a day when on MDI, and not everyone can afford the kwikpens but instead use vials with syringes. Why can I buy veterinary insulin syringes but not human insulin syringes on Amazon? I can buy them over the counter at almost any Walmart or pharmacy everyday, so what’s the deal Neal?

When I Amazon Customer Service them they stated that they had been prioritized for the healthcare industry, which I get because of all the supply hoarding that went on in March and April. Diabetic supplies are not currently in short supply or even during the last 3 months, so why is this policy still in effect? I also asked if the presumption at Amazon was that a person ordering insulin syringes was an addict to which they responded we could be. What??!!??? I went down that rabbit hole because the logic just doesn’t stand. If I was an addict, I would not be ordering on Amazon with a CC having them delivered to a home address that has been on file for over 10 years, I would be getting them for free at a shelter. Not to mention, they can see my past purchase history of ordering the same and similar diabetes products. (As an aside, I hear anecdotally that addicts prefer syringes with 1/2 unit markings for finer control, not that I would actually know).

I asked whom I could speak to about this policy, and met with a stone wall of mindless platitudes and a firm reassurance that they could care less if I used their service or not. As a customer, I find this galling. I do understand that Amazon is a behemoth that does not live or die on customer satisfaction anymore or even on my paltry purchases, but I for one am taking my economic opinions elsewhere.

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You need to send you some? I could get an Rx on the 10th.

My brother told me that I shouldn’t hang syringe novelty pens on my trick or treat tree because it glorifies drug use to children. Boooo! Boooo, says the diabetic.

When did syringes become a symbol of drug use instead of a symbol of medicine? The 90’s?

It says right in the ad “imaginary doctor play,” not “imaginary heroin addict play.” I’m gonna get him candy cigarettes to hand out for halloween.

These are fun.


I just ordered some, no problem…

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I just purchased some at my local Walmart, but thank you for the offer @mohe0001!

I believe it was more in then 80’s. With the discovery of AIDS many pharmacies wouldn’t sell syringes without a prescription even though it was not required by law, in my state at least. There seemed to be a sort of “guilty until proven innocent” vibe. People super over-reacted and those of us who needed them (and for whom they were made!) paid a price.


I get that same weird vibe at first at the local Walmart @Michelle43, but i make sure my medicalert bracelet is very obvious and I make a fake pump correction then all is good. My local pharmacy doesn’t even ask - it’s a sale.

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I’m on a pump now, but used syringes until a few years ago . I always went to Walmart just geared up for a fight. Young college kid asking for syringes? “Go on. I DARE you to say something ignorant!” And then never once had any trouble. I did have to sign for them somewhere, though. Probably OH or PA. It was always stress in my head for nothing. It wasn’t until I was older that I learned many states won’t allow them to discourage the drug users. If they’re going to use needles, they would rather they had access to sterile ones.

As someone who lives in a very rural area, I’ve also had issue with Amazon changing their shipping/stocking rules. Part of me understand the need for keeping medical supplies in medical professional hands right now. Luckily, just about every issuance provider is covering mailing costs from your local pharmacy now, if you don’t want to go there in person.

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Of course, @Michelle43! Your sooo right

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I am having difficulty getting methotrexate syringes. These are 25 gauge 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" needles. It has been a touch and go thing since April. Seeing I could buy veterinary needles on Amazon, I might see if i can find 8 gauge 5" needles.

Oh no I wont use them, but damn I could use them to impress my wife. Look what the docotr gave me for MTX Sheryl. She might faint. :slight_smile:


@Rphil2 I have seen 4" 16g blunt tip needles for crafters.

It’s been a few years but one time my infusion set came out and I didn’t have another so I walked into rite aid and asked for a syringe and they sold me a bag of 5 for 2 dollars.So I could draw from my reservoir and inject.
They asked me my doctors name and why I Needed it, but that was it.

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oh yeah, I will stick one of those in my mouth and pull it out spitting fake blood. It will be part of that new vaccine for say runny nose. :slight_smile:


I like your style @Rphil2!!! If you do it, please post a video . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I wanted to buy a box of 100 syringes at Walgreens in Minnesota last week and was told that I needed a prescription to get more than a bag of 10. Seemed weird but since I only buy a box of syringes every couple of years, I have no idea whether the law has actually changed or it is a Walgreens policy. I am currently using the untethered regimen along with my Tandem pump and Control IQ and take a small injection of Basaglar (Lantus equivalent) every evening. But I use the same syringe for about a week so it will take a long time to use up 100 syringes.

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In my experience, it’s a Walgreens thing. I have run into that in several states, So I buy 10, then ask for 10 more, pay for them, and repeat until I get the 100 I want. Their rules, can’t help it if they don’t close the loopholes. I want 100, I’ll buy 100 or take my business elsewhere. After all I’m the customer and I’m not breaking any laws, just bypassing poorly created and ineffectually managed rules.


This made me laugh!


It may be where you live. I’ve lived in Georgia for the past 17 years, and always needed a prescription for syringes, when I was still using them regularly. I moved here from New York State in 2003. Syringes there were treated as controlled substances, which required a special prescription from the doctor, and had to be signed for by the patient at pick-up.

In contrast, at the same time I was doing this, my brother-in-law in Florida could buy syringes over the counter. My Christmas box from my sister usually included a box of syringes. None of us were ever arrested for smuggling.

Perhaps someone in NYS can clarify if this is still the case.

New York does not appear to need an Rx for syringes. Possibly the laws have changed. The link below details every state’s law.

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