Insulin Usage

Not sure if this is the right place but since I’m a LADA on a pump I’ll start here.

I take alot of insulin. My basals rage between 1.8 and 2.0 units a day. My carb ratio 1:6 and my correction is 35. I usually take about 62 units a day eating 1200 calories, moderate carb and dosing for protein. My A1c range between 6.3 and 7.0 in this last year.

I see alot of people who take way less basal and use less insulin for carbs. Are my setting just weird? Is there a reason for this? Does anyone else have such strong insulin needs?

I’m just wondering…


Opps…my basals run between 1.8 and 2.0 units per hour! Not per day! sorry

Another monkey wrench is that my insulin usage fall by half in the summer! I have to quickly drop insulin off in the spring and add it back on just as quickly in October…

I think I’m just a weird diabetic…I look forward to hearing others.

I’ve heard that taking alot of insulin is just as bad as taking too little…not regarding blood sugars but just overall health. I’ve heard that too much insulin will lead to heart disease and will lead to weight gain even if calories are kept low and exercise is part of the lifestyle. I’m a bit confused and a bit guilty about all the insulin I take every day.


The most important thing I want to say Ressy is please don’t feel guilty about your insulin dosage! The one thing I’ve learned from spending two years on tudiabetes with 18,000 other diabetics is we are all terms of insulin use and so many other things, even among type 1’s and even among LADA/Type 1’s. What counts is if it is working for you, and it sounds from your A1C as though it is. So don’t sweat it and definitely don’t feel as if you’ve done something wrong!

As for the “whys”, who knows. My guess is that for whatever reason you have a degree of insulin resistance. You might want to talk with an endo about this and see if there is anything he/she wants to prescribe to help with this. If you have gained any extra weight you might want to work on losing it, and on getting regular exercise and be sure and not “feed the insulin” by overtreating highs and feeding lows, etc. If you can reduce your carbs a bit more that will reduce your insulin use a bit more and the less insulin the less resistance. But bottom line might be it “is what it is” and if you get good results, than that is the dose you need.

I think the most important thing is that you are taking care of yourself – no matter how much insulin that means. I also see our insulin needs drop in warmer weather, even if activity stays about the same. Add in some activity and then it really drops. I have heard of some docs adding in oral meds for Type 1’s who may have some insulin resistance (not saying you do, just throwing this out there). Maybe it’s something to talk to your doc about.

Don’t think you’re wierd when you need to drop your insulin needs in the summer. It’s actually written in the book “Pumping Insulin” by John Walsh. It happens to me and lot’s of others also.

Ressy, it is maddening and fruitless to compare our insulin intake to anyone else. Your Mileage May Vary. YMMV.

Might as well compare how fast your hair grows. Don’t mean nothing.

Just keep doing what you have to do.As long as you’re keeping your BGs in control you’re not taking too much, too little or a lot of insulin. You’re just taking insulin.

But just to play the game - my basal runs between 0.30 to 0.40 per hour. My ratio is 1:15 to 1:8 and my correction is 50 to 70. I average about 22 units/day.

Keep up the good work.Like your A1c’s. Wish I had them.


Lol…my hair grows very fast and thick and wavy…lol…

I like insulin…I’m addicted. When I have a site that goes bad and I finally get it diagnosed correctly and changed out…within 20 minutes the inside of me just feels so wonderful as the insulin comes back into my system. It’s really a different feeling, the polar opposite of the nausea and “crummy” feeling that happens when my flow of insulin is interrupted.

I’m addicted and no…I don’t want any 12 step program…lol!


Reesy- I second what everyone has said about diabetics being different from one another. Insulin use depends on lots of things, including size and activity level. A very active 110 lb 20 y/o would not have the same insulin needs as a 40 y/o who weighs 160 and not as active. Other issues, including hormonal, also come into play. Rememeber insulin is not the enemy, high blood sugar is! My settings have changed lots over the past 10+ years, and I expect they will continue to do so. Also, have you had your thyroid checked? That can sometimes impact insulin usage. If it really bothers you could could try low carb for awhile and see what happens.

Now I would love your hair growth and thickness…lol

Funny you mention “addiction”. I only have the insulin left in my pump and then I’m out. Shortly I am headed out to Walgreens to get a couple vials until my mail away comes through. (I’d greatly underestimated how much I’d need/waste when I started on the pump). I have no reason to be worried about it. If for some reason my Walgreens is out of Apidra vials there are two more in walking distance, but I feel strangely uncomfortable and know I will feel a relief when I have those vials in my hand. Definite similarities in feeling to an addict running out of their drug and feeling excited about getting more!

Thank you everyone for your replies! I feel much better tonight about it all. I can accept now that whatever amount of insulin it takes is what it takes. Now today is weird…I ate about 150 more calories than usual but used about 5 units less today.

Thanks for the comfort you guys. It is appreciated!