Insulin while skiing or out and about in near freezing temperature

How do you carry your insulin and glucometer while skiing? Insulin comes with warning labels about not freezing. The test strips and the meters also come with statements about using it at “room temperature.”

It’s usually cold. It can be below 32F or above 32F.

If you are going to be out and about when the weather is cold, near freezing, how do you carry/store the diabetes supplies/equipment?

I always carried my meter in an inside pocket of my outer jacket. My insulin is carried in a pump attached to my belt.

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I started cross country skiing this year. I usually wear long underwear, light fleece, light shell; and I carry my supplies in the chest pocket of my mid-layer fleece. That’s always worked well for me. It gets pretty cold in Vermont, so I’ve found that my strips/meter will sometimes get too cold in the exterior pocket and need to be warmed up.

Happy trails!

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I’ve been curious about cross country skiing! :slight_smile: as well as snow shoeing.

How do you like it?

@lh378, I’ve really been enjoying cross country skiing. I’ve always had a tough time exercising in the wintertime, but I’ve had no trouble getting out and skiing for an hour almost every day. (When the conditions are good.) It’s a good workout, and it’s nice to be outside in a scenic place rather than on a stationary bike. I’m lucky to live about five minutes away from a Nordic Center that has a good mix of flat and moderate groomed trails for beginners. I think I’d learn how to skate-ski next, that looks like even more fun than classic (in-track) skiing. Snowshoeing is fun too, although when there isn’t much snow, we’ve found the various Yak-Trak, microspike devices to be sufficient for hiking with regular boots on our favorite trails. Happy trails.

I preload syringes with insulin, then snip the plunger off so the cap fits on. Fast and small, and if it freezes its not you whole bottle. I keep them inside my jacket.


I’ll have to figure this out.

I presently use syringes when home and Novo Echo pen with 1/2 unit capabilities when outside of the house.

I just keep the stuff near my body, never had a problem. The meter sometimes was too cold, but i just warmed it back up before using. I feel like it takes a lot before insulin freezes.
Typing this as i am about to go skiing⛷
Have fun yourself!