Cold weather pumping

Do you wear your pump on a clip when outside in freezing weather? Should I keep the pump inside my coat? This will be the first winter wearing a pump. I would think the insulin can freeze rather easily in the tubing. How do you handle the freezing weather issues.

I usually tuck it in somewhere close to the body so It can at least be somewhat warmer than the elements. If I am wearing jeans then that puppy will be inside the pocket instead of just hanging there.

Sidney , how cold does it get where you are ? Others ( pumpers ) have climbed Mount Everest and this is the good news :slight_smile: …No Fear : …keep things close to your bode , inside the pants waistband ; tuck the tubing in and include your BG meter in keeping it warm …otherwise you may not be able to get a test result, right ?
PS any warm socks for you 4 legged buddy as the do in up north Canada ?

Same thing as what the ladies said, I keep the tube under my shirt or under my pants (close to the body). and the pump will be on my side so when I wear a coat it will be under it cozy and warm, or it will be in my pocket. I don’t take long walks in snow, just couple of minutes maximum 10 -20 mnt. Regarding the meter, I had this issue where I left it in the car and when I came back wanted to test, it was cold and couldn’t test until I warm it up

Hope this helps!

Hello All,
I guess the answer to my question is a no brainer. Sorry, excuse the high BG. HA. I live in central Illinois, USA. It does get quite cold at times, below freezing and below 0 degrees at times. Not quite as cold as Canada I’m sure. Keeping pump close to my body shouldn’t be a problem.
Thanks, Sid

Hey Sidney - no question is ever silly!!! I’m like the rest, where temps can go to -30C, I just wear my pump in the usual place, clipped to my pant waistband, it’s nice and warm there to keep the insulin from getting cold. The only time it’s been a drag is when I’m in a snowmobile attire, and it’s hard to get to the pump, but I manage one way or another. I meet the man who climbed Mount Everest that Nel mentions, his name is Sebastien Sasseville. He was saying, he didn’t even bother with testing his BG’s too often, 'cause it was too cold, but his Animas 2020 pump kept on ticking. BTW, did any of you know that he took part in the Arizona Ironman on Sunday? I haven’t seen how he’s done yet, but can’t wait for him to either post here (he is a member - but rarely checks in - as he’s busy preparing for his next adventure!).

re your BTW , Anna , Dino met up with Seb on Sunday and there are pics on TU …I noticed them yesterday …where ???..possibly first page in the photo section? I googled for his results …no luck yet; did notice one gent from Salmon Arm ( he does stuff like this regularly )…amazing :wink: came in # 101 .

I just wear mine in the usual place, only tucked it inside my pants a few times when new on the pump in 1993. Mind you that was in Syracuse, NY, which is probably colder than where you are at times.
The chance of it freezing in the hose is fairly small IMHO, since the hose walls are so thick and made of a thermally resistant plastic anyway. Of course this is for fairly short term use, not hours of open exposure. Keeping the hose inside your clothing insulates it fairly well in the warmed air that insulates your body as well.

All this talk about cold weather, we haven’t even received our first frost yet. I was just out on my boat fishing the other day. Did any of you actually have insulin freeze in your tubing?

As long as it’s under your coat, like on your belt you will be good. In really cold weather I keep it in my pocket if I’m in and out quickly without a coat. It dropped down into the negative dgree temps here in NE Ohio a few times last year and I never had a problem. Just mind where you are keeping any extra insulin you are bringing with you for “emergencies” it could be a problem leaving it in a vehicle for long periods of time. :slight_smile:

I just keep it in my pocket like normal, never had issues at all, even when snowboarding or snowshoeing. Meters on the other hand…those have HUGE temperature issues.

I have the pump as well I live in mammoth Lakes Ca. and I find that it totally works if you keep the cord in your jacket. If you don’t it freezes. It’s happened to me before, and it makes ur blood sugars go way outa wack.

Looks like everybody else here does the same as I do in cold weather. Just keep it close to your body and in a pocket that is warm!

central illinois is not cold. move to minnesota, then you can make your own snow when mornings start at -22 for 2 weeks straight, and it doesn’t get above 0 degrees for that period, and you dont see grass for 9 months of the year.

I live in the land of the frozen chosen (Yukon Territory) and wear my pump & tubing either tucked inside the waistband of my pants or in/on my bra when outdoors in the winter air.