So, very much in the learning curve here. Still only on Levimir once a day. Last night very good 2 h pp (dinner) 120. Did my 5 u, Levimir. (Was prescribed 6 U’ but have been adjusting based on response.). Woke several hours later about 1 am and felt weird. Checked bg 68. Ate a couple prunes with milk and 1 hour later 109. Morning was back to 69 and I had to eat all morning off and on but back at 80 before lunch and 117 after. It is difficult to manage this along with sometimes 140-170 pp. any thoughts? I was about ready to add my Novolog until I started with these hypos.

Not a requirement, just a suggestion: it would be better to keep this conversation going in this existing thread, rather than beginning a new one here. Since the topic is essentially the same, having two discussions makes it likely that people will see some comments and not others. Keeping it all in one place will make for a more complete dialog.

Sure! Sorry for the confusion! Thanks

My best guess would be that it will be much easier to navigate by adding the Novolog and reducing the Levemir. When I was first diagnosed, I needed no basal, but did need bolus. If I'd attempted to keep good numbers with basal alone I would have been feeding the Levemir all day. With your pregnancy, I know that makes it more difficult for you to give yourself leeway to experiment in a manner that might result in higher numbers(e.g., cutting the Levemir in half and adding bolus to meals), but I do think adding bolus and reducing the basal will ultimately give you much more room to fine tune.

Thanks, I will keep everyone posted.

I finished dinner at 7:30 pm and took a 1 hour reading of 119, because my usual 2 h reading was not convenient. Pics thought, “ok, good.” Had nothing else to eat and just took so last before bed and was surprised to see 179! So I am having a weird insulin response. I did as suggested and reduced my Levimir to 3 U tonight and will see about adding a touch of Novolog tomorrow.

You might find that splitting your Levemir helps as well. For example, I do four units in the morning at 6:30 and three units at night around 10:00 or 10:30. I've found that gives me fairly even coverage, but I still see a definite drop on my Dexcom at both 4:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Your 179 could have been a reflection of the Levemir waning. Good luck!