Insulins and weight

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I noticed one some other forum someone saying that when he/she started with Humalog, his/hers weight changed drastically. I want to know if someone else here has noticed this. Did it get better when using another insulin? I hope to go on pump soon and I am deciding if I should change insulin… Some of my friends on pump, have changed their insulin… (not because of weight). Since I have gained better control of my diabetes (last 6 months, I have gained weight (about 6 kg, but my HbA1c went from around 9 to 7.4). I was told that better self-control “produces” weight gain, but so far I always thought that this goes for all types of insulin, but now after reading that other forum I am in doubt about that. So any info on that will be welcome.

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That is typical to gain weight when your control improves. According to my doctor, it has to do with your body being malnourished when your blood sugars are high all the time. Your body will correct when it gets used to the healthy sugars again.

I have a friend who changed from humalog to novalog and lost weight. He was injecting. The doctor said he had to change because he was planning on getting an insuiln pump and novalog tends to be more stable with pumping. Not sure what causes the difference in weight.

I recently started on the Omnipod and had heard stories from people who gained weight when starting pump therapy. Just had my check -in with the Endo and I’ve lost 3 pounds! I’ve also heard it comes with better control, your body using the insulin and everything else correctly. I’ve also heard that lantus will cause weight gain but I had been on it so long I couldn’t tell you. I switched to the pump after 35 years MDI so I was pretty regimented with eating. Had a routine and was keeping my weight pretty steady (except for that pesky “aging” weight) What I have found is now I can exercise without consuming 200 calories in juice to keep my BS up during the work out. I hope this trend keeps going!

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Theoretically when you start Pump theraphy you would use less insulin, which might help you loose weight… Now if you had poor control (mainly because not using enough insulin) you would use more insulin, which could get you to gain weight.

Most people gain weight when going to pump because now they have more freedom to eat what they want… So they indulge themselves a little.

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No all insulins are like that men get their tomy out
i have been using Nova mix 70x30 for last two years
and none of pants fitted me had to be changed .since i am regularly walking morning and evening and controling the deight
my doctor suggested me to if i continue Hblc at 6.5 he will reduce the insulin intake to once a dy in evening
with some oral medicine
will see wht will happen

Of course you are right… Different insulins work different for different people…

Talk was about people who are type 1’s. Its different dynamic for type 1 and type 2 (and also other ones).