Insurance. Advice very much appreciated!

Hi everyone.
I'm faced with a very difficult problem right now- the possibility of losing my health insurance. As of now I have health insurance through my job, but it has come to a point where I may have to leave that job due to health concerns. I am in South Florida, and I don't know that I have any other insurance options. Medicaid, perhaps? What does a Type 1 Diabetic do to find affordable insurance? I am a college student making low income. I can just afford to pay for my doctor visits and diabetes meds as it is. What do I do?

I would try to re-evaluate sticking with the current setup of health insurance (or maybe even re-re-evaluate it). I'm sorry if it's not much of an answer as it seems you might have already passed that point. While there are options on doing diabetes on a budget or at least w/o employer health insurance for the most part these options seem to provide less for a lot more.

I live in central florida, my insurance ended the 1st of feb. I am getting goblue with blue cross and blue shield, not a very good plan, just to carry me over for 6 months, then I am going on the state pre-existing condition plan, believe it or not but the state plan is much better than what I had with aetna and at a much lower cost. I would do some research on these plans may work for you. this is the only answer I could come up with having t2 diabetes. hope this helps...

I second Gene. Stay at the job and keep the insurance. It will cost a fortune without it. To buy private insurance is $400-$500 per month. Medicaid is not really an option, as diabetes is not regularly classified as a disability. Do some searches on this sight for additional information.

I truly feel that the most important thing about the job is benefits, not pay. Look at the "hidden paycheck." What do they pay for? It increases pay substantially, if benefits are good.

I agree that the better option would be to stay at the job. The bigger problem isn't the paycheck. It's that I can no longer physically do the job and they are not willing to work with me so that I CAN.

You are eligible for either COBRA or FL Mini-COBRA. If it is the latter you'd pay 115% of the group rate but that's going to be better than what's available on the individual market. You have 30 days to sign up for Mini-COBRA which might give you a bit of time to scramble. If your employer has more than 20 employees you should be eligibgle for federal COBRA which is a better deal.