Insurance plans for TYPE 1 Diabetics

Hello, I am new to this forum, but I have been type 1 diabetic for 27 years and I was wondering if anyone has advice on good insurance plans for diabetics…I am paying $613 a month now as my premium, and here in California it is really hard to find an insurance plan with a pre-existing condition. any advice or ideas or experiences with plans would be really helpful.

I believe right now no insurance can turn you down because of a pre-existing condition, a result of the new health care changes, I think it has gone into effect.

Have you looked into Blue Cross Blue Shield? I have had excellent luck with them. I live in NY and have Excellus BC/BS as my primary and BC/BS Illinois as my secondary, and they both are very generous with their diabetes payments. I know others in other states have been dissatisfied, and I can’t speak for California, and of course it would depend on the employer’s plan.

We have Anthem Blue Cross in Ohio. We have to buy on the open market because we are self employed. Our premium was just raised to $1025 per month with a $6000 deductible and then we pay 20% for in network until $10,000. We have looked all over for cheaper policies but no luck most of them are close to $2000 per month . You can’t be denied insurance but they can make you pay a lot more. The best bet is to get insurance through your employer. Also you can check with the government high risk insurance program but that is pricey too.

Actually I got turned down by four different carriers or plans. Unfortunately.

I think at this point it’s only in effect to not turn down anyone with dependents 17 and younger with pre-existing conditions. At least, that’s my insurance company’s statement about it. I think there are several years yet before all the parts of the health car changes will be phased in (supposing it doesn’t all get over-turned).

Like Sue59, I too live in NY and have Excellus BCBS. Seems to be that so long as the script is written the right way I am OK. I would look into it if possible. I am going through lots of strips right now as I am recently diagnosed. I consider myself very lucky to have great insurance. Looking at the papers that say “your insurance saved you…” are scary. Would a local diabetic support group or education group have any possible leads? Best of luck to you!