Insurance Companies paying for cont. blood glucose monitoring devise for MM722 pump

Hi Mark -
Have you tried in the last few weeks? I just talked with my MM rep last week, and he has had several people covered by Blue Cross and others (dependent on their plan’s DME yearly cap). Mine is apparently $5000 per year with my husband’s insurance… it is worth checking back with them again! It sounds as if they (insurance companies) may be loosening up a bit as more results are received.

I should be getting my new pump in a couple of weeks, along with the CGM. I was ready to accept the offer from my diabetes specialist to use the CGM “on loan”/prescription, for 3 days at a time, if it ended up not being covered… have you tried this option?

Anyway, I am looking forward to receiving the new pump - my fourth (or fifth?) over the years. The CGM will be wonderful, as well. (Gosh, I still remember being excited over infusion sets that could be released for a shower instead of doing a dance around the ‘pump-in-a-bag’!) I hope you are able to get yours soon, as well! Keep us posted!

Lynn in Portland

James is right - if your doctor/PA specifically pressures them nicely, (Minimed can help with this), you should make some progress.

Also, have you received any instruction from your Dr on reducing the anawareness? A few years ago I suffered greatly from the low unawareness issue and was instructed to “NO MATTER WHAT DO NOT LET YOURSELF GO BELOW 95 or 100 for the next months.” He was forceful, and I thought nuts… but it really helped me to get the low sensor factor back… (I decided that extra test pokes and calluses were worth it for a limited amount of time… I can do almost anything for a limited period…)

Anyway, you might ask your healthcare pro about it… I don’t want to give advice that might not be good for your situation… I just know it helped me a lot - and I was totally amazed. I had a couple overnight lows back then, but I was just extra-extra vigilant for that period…hope it helps you!

My pump trainer told me that Blue Cross/Blue Shield of AL for federal employees are now covering the CGMS for anyone that gets a script. She says Medicare is still not on board with it though. I paid out of pocket for mine and I have found that mine has been fairly accurate. I use the MM 722 with their CGMS.