CGMS and Insurance

To those of you that have had the opportunity to use the cgms, not the old school ones from the dr’s, but to actually have your own - How do you like them, do you have any links to websites for them and does your insurance pay for them, and if so what insurance do you have?

I have BCBS…fought klike a devil to get mine covered. We have a love hate relationship–but it does catcch my lows.

Mind if I ask are you MDI or pump user? I just don’t know about having two things hooked to me. and having to have the cgms so close to me all the time. Plus I have BCBS as well, that could be an interesting battle.
Who is your cgms through??

Healthnet covered three months of my minimed CGM (one authorization) - didn’t for a year them mysteriously accepted then refused after allowing on. Minimed will ask on your behalf but not fight for it. heard other insurers were covering starting about 8 months ago Healthnet may be last hold out

Definitely love hate relationship - good for avoiding highs and warning of lows most time but just today I was at 32 at work and CGM said I was at 142 so then I had a calibration error on top of my needing to treat my low - by time treated and ready to deal with calibration I was back up at 100 and the cgm calibrated but this sensor is running about 60 points higher the finger sticks still

typically cgm is a good 15 minutes behind where you are at and that can be issue if as I obviously suffer hypoglycemia unawareness. The arrows can be very helpful as warning though

I started with the Dexcom first edition and loved it, though I had to pay out of pocket for it at the time. Since then, I lost my health insurance and have relied on the Veterans Administration for health care since then. As far as they are concerned (regardless of published studies to the contrary) CGMS is experimental and unproven technology. No coverage, no assistance or education - no nothing. In fact, I can’t even persuade a VA Dr. to write the scrip so that I can buy it and the supplies myself. Being a bureaucracy, there is no appeal and if they do change their position, it will probably be years before that happens.

Keep this in mind as the “health care reform” debate unfolds. At least with a private insurer, your doctor can call, beg and cajole a real person. Not so with govt - they know better than to even try.

If you want one, and can get it - go for it. For me, it was a real lifesaver and I can’t wait to try the current generation.

We just got a medtronic cgm last week after a six month battle with BCBS… When applying for the first time make sure you show atleast three lows in a week (below 50).
They are required to accept a hand written log too wink . I wish I had known this sooner. My battle would have been a lot shorter.

I am (for now) a minimed pump user–so I have only one thing attached–use the minimed sensor

Thanks guys! I might talk to my DE a little about one and see what I think!
Thanks so much for all your info!