Insurance coverage for cgm devices and types i should consider

any opinions about cgm devices. i’m looking at the medtronic, and the abbott freestyle. any others i should be considering ? i’m told that medicare with blue cross-blue shield does not cover cost of equipment and supplies. info. re coverage is greatly appreciated. seems the equip. cost is about $1,400.00 and supplies for full time monitoring another $ 4 to 5,000. a year. with out ins. help i just cannot afford the costs. i’m happy to have found this site and all the welcome messages received thanks

I have used the Medtronic CGM as well as the Dexcom 7+ CGM. In my brutally honest opinion, you should avoid the Medtronic CGM and try the Dexcom 7+ CGM first. You can also search the forum for discussions on the various CGMs.

thanks john.