Insurance Coverage for CGMS

I am looking for information from people who had to file an appeal with insurance to get them to pay for CGMS. I have a severe case of hypoglycemia unawareness the past couple of months and several call to the ems. I am getting my insulin pump on the 27th of this month.Any information would be helpful. I have BCBS of Texas.

Thank you


I am in the process of appealing now. I sent in my appeal, then we had a low emergency. I then added the EMS and ER reports to my appeal. Collect all the documentation you have to send in to them. I included color coded bg logs for the past 3 mos. Make sure the dr uses the dx code 250.83, it is the one specifically for t1d with uncontrolled hypoglycemia.

Thank you Jane, I really appreciate the information. I have been very frustrated with this process. I know i planned on including my ems reports with the information I’m submitting. Thank you.

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