Insurance Coverage

Hi guys, I am thinking of switching insurance companies in order to save money. I currently have Blue Sheild but am thinking of switching to Kaiser or United Health.

I use a Decom G4 Platinum CGM and an Animas Vibe pump.

My question for you is if you use either Kaiser or United Health how do you like it in regards to your CGM and/or pump supplies an overall coverage.

Any headaches? Issues? Awesomness?

How are your prescription costs?

For United Health, was it easy to find doctors that accept UH?

I know individual plans will make a difference, but I’m just looking to get an overall feel and opinion.

Any other info is appreciated.

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Never used Kaiser, but have UHC. My Dx is Type 2, which has made things complicated… I currently have both the Dexcom G4 and the Vibe - supplies for both are being covered. My supplies go via the pharmacy coverage, where I have a $60 copay (Tier 3) - so $60month for Dexcom orders, $60 for sets and $60 for cartridges – I need 2 boxes of sets/carts a month - 1 box of cearts would b e $41 for me.
I had a lot of headaches getting approved, as I said. They actually rejected the pump for me; however, approved the (late) Asante Snap, since it billed entirely as supplies. I got the Vibe via trade-in deal – and supplies are covered.
As for docs… I have not had trouble in the Chicago area, but know people in neighboring Wisconsin that have trouble finding docs You should check with your preferred docs.

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Not sure I can help, my friend. I am Kaiser NW/Medicare/Senior Advantage through a Public Employees Plan from my retired husband. AND I’m still maintaining with diet and exercise.

But my coverage for the D is good—after Medicare kicked in, I pay nothing for test strips or any other D related prescription. Prices on BP med, diuretic, and 2 oxycodone/day for my arthritis and fibromyalgia stayed at 15.00 co-pay each. Dental is also still tolerable…

I also have been able to keep my very best ever PCP through the transition to Medicare, which was seriously goofy in a bureaucratic way a whole other story!)… I know. The situation is very different. But it might bear further research…Blessings—I hate insurance anxiety…Please keep me posted!..Judith…

After comparing our current coverage with our two other options (UHC and Kaiser) I found that Kaiser would be the least expensive for us and offers pretty much the same coverage as our current.

The final decision came when I learned that UHC would require us to pay $1000 per year for my pump and CGM supplies before they would cover any extra cost in that area.

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Which Kaiser? I think only Kaiser in northerrn California covers CGM costs, under special circumstances. I have Kaiser senior advantage & I get the Dexcom CGM supplies at a reduced Kaiser price. Otherwise strips are 0 co-pay & also pump supplies. Kaiser supports Medtronic, Animas & Tandem pumps. I’ve always found supportive doctors at Kaiser & billing etc is a whole lot simpler.

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Yes, it’s Northern California.

Probaby UHC would make you buy those supplies as DME - and have a separate CME deductible like my policy does. At least this year, all my pump and CGM supplies are going thru pharmacy, not DME