Kaiser coverage in Georgia for pump/CGM

I am covered by my husband’s insurance. He is retired AT&T and we are considering a switch from United Healthcare to Kaiser. I love my Endo and other doctors on my current plan but it is so expensive we can’t afford to keep it.

I use an Animas ping pump and a Dexcom CGM. If anyone with type 1 has information about AT&T retirees, AT&T employees, Kaiser pump and CGM coverage, Endo’s etc in the Roswell/Alpharetta/Cumming area please let me know.


Your best source for this info would probably be to contact Kaiser directly. They can get you a copy of what your plan would cover. You can find them online at kp.org, then choose your region.

I also am looking for a Kaiser Endo recommendation from someone in my area and I would like to hear about their experience with Kaiser.

I have Kaiser Pacific NW. They cover my pump (with co-pay) but not my CGM. So I pay out of pocket for the CGM, but I get the Kaiser rate since some Kaiser plans/areas do cover CGM. I would talk with your Animas and CGM people - their insurance specialists can tell you.

My experience with healthplan people is that they will say no - so yu don't ask. I went for years paying out of pocket -while insured - for testing supplies. It wasn't until a friend who also had type 1, mentioned that hers were covered. I asked and I received.

Thanks for sharing about your plan. It’s kind of scary having to make a big change and not knowing what to expect. Would you mind telling me what the Kaiser discount is for CGM if you’re paying out of pocket?

FWIW, I am also retired AT&T.

Are you thinking of dropping your AT&T retirement health plan for an independent one from Kaiser?

Also, Kaiser plans are going to be different from one area of the country to the next and also what type of plan you have.

Similarly, the United Health Care plan for AT&T/retirees is different than any other plan out there since it is a self-funded plan that is only administered by UHC,

Mike, my husband is retired AT&T. We have an option through the company to switch to Kaiser. It’s much less expensive than what we currently have.

Sure! I am really behind in my filing and there is a stack of things to go through. But I will get back to you today.

I also have an Animas Ping. I will look up what my pump co-pays are for you - those things are in the same stack of things to be filed I mentioned earlier! Let's hope that since I have to go through each piece of paper, I file at the same time!

First, I have to brag, I am filing all that stuff. So throw me a parade!

Okay a run down of costs and what I paid with Kaiser's discount
Dexcom receiver List is $699 My cost $370
Dex transmitter List $799 my cost $399
Box - Dex Sensors List $499 my cost $284.20
Animas Pump supply List $453 My cost 90

Hope this helps.

Okay, I hadn't heard of that. Can AT&T Benefits give you the SPD for both?

Artwoman, thank you so much for sharing your copay information with me. I really appreciate your help!!


I live in Atlanta. I don't have Kaiser, but I use Atlanta Diabetes and I like them. I actually prefer Pat Richardson, a nurse practitioner. She has broch the subject of depression, the DOC, and other things I think doctors should cover with their diabetic patients. She reminds me that numbers are not judgement. I am really lucky to have her on my team.

My pleasure - and...I have an empty In box!

I'm jealous. My current Endo insists that my control is too good. Yes I test a lot, and yes I micro dose - but I thought that was the point!