Insurance Deductible Question

Hey Guys. I'm not sure where to put this question, so I'll just put it here. Maybe someone will know the answer. I use an insulin pump and CGM and am covered by BCBSLA through a high deductible group policy at work. I have met my $3300 deductible for 2014. I'm looking at changing jobs. Does anyone know of any circumstance where a new group policy will give me credit for the deductible that I have already met on my current policy? Boy, I would sure hate to have to pay another $3K this year for pump supplies. Not that it's impossible, we all know it's not with the cost of supplies. It's just that I'm used to having everything out of pocket paid by this time of year. Thanks for whatever info you can share.

Almost without exception, the deductible starts over. I am not aware a change in the Affordability Care Act that changes that. Assuming there has no change as a result of state or federal law, (again I sincerely doubt any change has occurred) you will start over with a new deductible and a new requirement to fulfill 100% of that deductible.

If you think about employer sponsored plans they are designed to insure current employees not those who have either left or are coming in. Now your best bet is to inquire with the new employer and ask what the qualification period is. I have seen plans in the past that allow a new employee to go back and capture expenses in the same year even though you have not worked at that company up until employment.

However, while those plans are certainly legal they are few and far between. Still it might be worth checking since you will now be negotiating for new employment including wage and hours.

Thanks Rick. I pretty much thought I knew the answer would be no, but I have to ask. It's a huge chunk of change to lose, but a better job will be worth least I'm trying to keep positive thoughts.