Insurance and Pump Supplies

I'm just venting here and know that many others have already dealt with same issues, but my company just switched from United Healthcare to Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas.. my pump supplies were covered under pharmacy side with United so only having to pay a copay per month, no deductible had to be met. NOW, with BCBSTX they will only cover under DME and so until my high deductible is met, have to pay outright at $350 per month for supplies. Can't afford that for sure so now facing great possibilty of having to come off the pump. I am IDDM Type 1, for 43 years and on Omnipod system for about the last 6 or so years. I did not have good control without the pump and had to take so many injections per day. Been doing rather well on the pump. Scares me to think about not having my pump anymore. What are the rest of you doing to afford what we diabetics need? I am very grateful to have insurance but the coverage is becoming less and less for things I need as a diabetic to stay in good control and well. Sooo frustrating! Doctor wants you to do X,Y,Z, insurance wants you to do another, all of which are becoming out of reach in cost. Aside of insulin and other supplies and other medications, how are we supposed to do this?

On my insurance I can only get a maximum of 10 infusion sets per month. So if I make a mistake I am S.O.L. Plus, the metal sets are supposed to be changed every 2 days. Arggghhh.