Insurance stops Lantus covers only Levemire. Sugar is up

my insurance won’t cover Lantus now now I take Levemire and my glucose has been higher since. Is this normal

I’ve never taken Levemir, only Lantus. So I can’t compare them. But is it possible that you need a slightly higher dose of Levemir than of Lantus? Has your doctor given you the okay to adjust your doses? I’d certainly give his office a call and see if he thinks increasing the dose will do the trick.

Sometimes medications that are deemed “equivalent” aren’t so dose for dose for all individuals. I know that my I:C ratio on Apidra and Novolog was 1:8, whereas on Humalog it is 1:7. But that’s not the case for everyone.

When I tried levemir I ended up having to increase the amount I took and split the dose. It was not fun. Sorry you are going through this.

some find it doesn’t last 24hrs and so they take a shot at bedtime and when they wake up… so a 9/15 hr split
a basal test will help adjust it.

seeing that you are T2
Watch the last 15 minutes of this video. It will reduce the amount of insulin or not need it anymore. T2 is a disease of insulin resistance, even though T2’s have more insulin in their system than a normal person, they still can’t make enough. Cutting the sugars and starches will help fix this.

this is a 20g diet that was used

I’ve never taken Lantus but do currently take Levemir. I do need two shots, as suggested above one on waking and one before bed.

Can you discuss a change in how you dose with our endocrinologist or GP? Or do some basal testing for yourself?