Switch fr0m lantus t0 levimir

i recently switched fr0m lantus t0 levemir because 0f the pain and burn 0f lantus. i was 0n 2 units 0f lantus at night and switched t0 1 unit 0f levimir in am and an0ther in pm. my readings f0r the first week were 0k but n0w my am readings are a bit high (up t0 115 t0 120).
sh0uld i up the d0se in the pm t0 2 and keep the 1 in the am 0r just keep the d0sage the same and d0 the wh0le thing at night?
im h0neym00ning and 0f c0urse frantic that this is the end but read s0mewhere that s0metimes y0u need m0re levemir if y0u switch.

I'm pretty new to diabetes too, but Levemir dosage is more complicated than Lantus, cause the ratio of units by your body weight affects how many hours it lasts. So it is impossible to say without knowing your weight, and also, 1 unit will be very little in relation to your weight even if you weigh 100lb, so that will probably not be covered by the informational graph that tells you how long it lasts.

I take considerably more than you, though, and the graph has helped me time my split Levemir dosage correctly.

I personally don't set much store by formulas, as they are just guidelines. Weight is only one factor in determining insulin dose. You are a bit high, but not that much in the morning, so increasing by a unit, unfortunately may be too much. But if your morning numbers continue a bit high you might try adding a unit and just test a lot to make sure you don't go low. Levemir is best given in a split dose. If you increase it to 2 at night just maybe set an alarm and test during the night for a couple days. As Jan says, timing is also important and you might have to play with it a little to get it exactly right. It's hard when you are very insulin sensitive and can only adjust by whole units!

Switching my night Levemir from 8pm (I take the morning one at 8am) to 10pm made all the difference in my fasting blood sugars, at the same dosage. So it might be a matter of taking it a bit later at night.

where is this graph that you speak of? this would be a big help!! i will look for it!

i have upped my dosage to 2 in the eve and 2 in the am and for the last two weeks ive been having some lows but no real trends, theyre all at different times and i think some linked to exercise. (after going high twice in the am after exercise i decided to do it in the pm).

it just seems that my fasting numbers are less constant.

and then i assume i should take the am dose later if i move it to 10 pm? i take it at 8 am. maybe i should take it at 9am?

Here you go:


For me, it really worked. My morning dose came out to 0.3 and the duration was the exact average between what is there for 0.2 and 0.4.

In my case, since my morning dose was bigger, I take the night later and kept the morning at 8am. If your night dosage is bigger, you would probably end up doing the opposite, and taking the morning one later.

Sorry I didn't check the date when I responded to realize you may already have made this change. You may be coming out of your honeymoon, and, unfortunately varied numbers are par for the course for many of us. All you can do is look for patterns and if you are out of range more often than not, think about a change in either dose or timing. I have a system where I keep my logs oldschool in a notebook and have about 4 weeks per page. I highlight highs in yellow and lows in blue. That's a good way to see patterns. Then at the end of the four weeks I look at how many times I'm out of range in a given time period. If it's more than 1/4 I consider a basal or I:C change. I know it's harder on shots because you can only make gross changes not finetuned one but it's still a good way to see patterns and see if there is a need for change.

jan, thanks for the graph thingy. i am not a woman of science, cant figure out if i should look at the little d0ts 0r what....;)

zoe and jan, thank you so much for your responses t0 my posts, youve been really helpful. ive done the evening 2 units at 11pm instead 0f 9pm. will d0 the 2 am units at the same time i always have(8am), at risk of being low, just so that im only changing 1 variable at a time....
this honeymoon is proving a challenge. things change back and forth every couple of weeks, less insulin, then more, then less, then more....the first couple of months it was all the same. ive got my little booklet for my numbers, comparing week by week, will try to make some pattern connections...argh! i so much prefer seat of pants!!

Hi, I went from Lantus to Levemir and found I needed much more Levemir and for me, I just could not manage to get as good of control on Levemir that I got on Lantus. I know a lot of people think Levemir is great, but it just did not work well for me. It had to do with my BC/BS insurance at the time. Levemir was their prefered insulin...I guess because I had it filled once, lol that satisfied it with them me trying it...I dont know or maybe they finally started approving Lantus..but I disliked Levemir so much I was going to pay out of pocket for Lantus...but then I went on my pump so, lol end of story.

I think they are completely different - I've never tried Lantus, but my understanding is it actually doesn't peak. Levemir does peak. For me, I have such a strong lunchtime peak I don't need to bolus for that meal - not that I don't like having one less shot to take, but it is not an insulin that allows you to eat your meals at very different times everyday, for example. I'd go low if I didn't eat at the time I eat.