Interesting news

Hello all. I am doing a type1 diabetes study at Emory. I just found out that not only do I have Gad-65 but I also have ICA as well. I am not sure what ICA antibodies do, do any of you? This is all very interesting.

Try this: IC=islet cell.

“ICA” is “Islet Cell Antibodies”.

GAD-65, ICA, and IAA are all quite common among newly diagnosed type 1’s and are also being used in some research studies to try to identify individuals (especially relatives of T1’s) who are on the way towards developing T1.

It’s great that you have these tests squared away so that you get appropriate T1 treatment.

Thank you to both of you! I am still learning so much!

Hi Stardust: In adult-onset Type 1 diabetes, GAD is the most commonly detected antibody of the three, and ICA is the next most commonly detected. IA-2 is the least commonly detected in adults, more common in kids. So you are fairly typical! Good that you have this information. Hope you are well!

Not sure if this is relevant, but won’t you also test positive for antibodies if you’ve been taking insulin? Not entirely sure about that, but just wanted to throw it out there.

If you are taking an insulin analog or animal insulin, your body may generate antiinsulin antibodies to combat the foreign substance. But these insulins won’t generate an immune response that would be reflected in GAD65, ICA-2 or IA-2 titers.