Intermittent fasting, a potent BG control tactic


What’s the name of your Apidra refillable cartridge pen? Does it increment in 1/2 units. Do you ever deliver as little as one half unit at time? I’m starting to conclude that pen technology can dependably deliver say, 3 1/2 units, but not 1/2 unit.

I know you live in Spain. Did you get your pen in Spain or the US when you visit?

@Trudy1, I suspect that I may have to do like you and use a syringe for the doses at less than 1 unit. When you use your Apidra pen, do you prime 2 units before every dose? This seemed like a large waste to me, if I understand the directions fully. A 2 unit prime for a 50 unit dose doesn’t seem like much but a 2 unit prime for a 1 unit dose seems wasteful to me.


@Terry4, I never prime the pen because I always use a syringe. In fact, I always use each syringe twice, but keep the ones for Levemir and Apidra separate from each other. I don’t get any waste that way, although I often find that the last two or three units of insulin in the Apidra pens seem to have lost their power. I expect that the Apidra pens would lose their power at the end of the pen’s life whatever method I used for extracting insulin.

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hi terry. my pen is the sanofi pen called the junior star. its supposed to be a pediatric pen but i am insulin sensitive and try to eat low carb. i got it as soon as it came out in spain, just about a year (or two?) ago. i find it really helpful for correcting because 1 unit can drop me almost 100 points (100 whats?) and if im at 160, 1 unit is too much.

i prime my pen two units every time i use it and mostly use it for 1/2 or 1 full unit doses. its a shame what a waste it all is, i agree!

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