Intermittent fasting and Metformin

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This is Dinesh, I am 25yrs Old and I am Obese (85kg Height 165 cm) and diabetic and have been diabetic for the past 5 years. I am currently focussing on a low carb diet and would like to know if I continue taking the medication i.e. Metformin (800mg) regularly after every meal and would that effect my blood glucose and how to control if my glucose goes lower than necessay ?

Hi Dinesh, it sounds like you have Type 2 Diabetes. I too am on Metformin only. It does not work to lower your blood sugar quite like that, but is to make your liver work more efficiently. The way to control your blood sugar if you are on Metformin only is to exercise, if your meter shows high then you need to drink plenty of water and do something, a brisk walk for 10 minutes, a stroll for a bit longer, go to the gym if you have time, just anything will get it down.

Three things control blood sugar for Type 2 diabetes, diet, exercise and medication.


Thank you, I was wondering about controlling the Diabetes with Diet like intermettant fasting with Low carb intake since carbs (Sugar) is the main reason for insulin spikes.
Planning to see if i can get of medication and control it completely through diet alone

I have the name of two books that will help you. The first is Dr.
Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution and the other is Dr. Michael Mosley’s The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet. My brother-in-law followed Dr. Mosley’s diet and was able to come off Metformin. However, although the title says an 8 week diet it is really a lifetime diet because if you do manage to get your blood sugars really low you will have to follow a strict low carb diet and exercise for the rest of your life.
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