International travel with a pump

So I’m going to Dubai for a few weeks and I’m a little nervous about communication with whatever their version of TSA is. I have a T:slim x2, and while metal detectors are fine, it can’t be x-rayed. Tandem has a nice letter to explain this to TSA, in case they’re not familiar with this (which may be necessary since I’m flying out of a podunk regional airport in the middle of nowhere)… But they don’t have it available in any language other than English. I’m probably over-worrying, but I have concerns.

Does anyone have experience flying out of Dubai intentional with a pump that requires hand inspection? Do the security agents speak English well enough for me to explain or to read the letter? After there any diabetics here who could transcribe the letter for me better than Google translate can?

Hi Robyn,

I’ve worn an insulin pump for about 10 years now, and through that time I’ve flown internationally well over a hundred times, including several trips in/out of Dubai and Abu Dhabi without issue. Even though I carry documentation regarding the insulin pump and my supplies I haven’t been asked for it in the past 7-8 years.

The last time I was through the region, which was about 6 months ago, I simply had to put my bag through the x-ray and walk through the metal detector. I am able to walk through the metal detector without setting it off 99.9% of the time as long as I remove the belt clip from my pump (I’m currently using an Animas Vibe).

As far as language goes, English is very common overseas - especially when it comes to people that work in international airports.

The few times I’ve had to ask for the optional pat down it’s never been an issue. They’ve always been courteous and careful about the pump and the pump/CGM site. If anything, they would ask a couple of questions about it - whether curious, or double checking to make sure you’re legit. :slight_smile:

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I traveled to Dubai two years ago. It was actually the only time in well over a decade that anyone asked to see my prescriptions (which I didn’t actually have). So I got a talking to by the agent but otherwise didn’t have any issues. I don’t think she had actually ever seen a pump before.

Communication was ok.

That is a wonderful relief to hear! My boyfriend told me not worry about anything, but it’s much more convincing coming from someone with experience. Thank you for responding quickly.

I was never even given a prescription for the pump or supplies. I’m going to just hope that everything goes hassle free, and bring the levemir as backup.