Intro To diabetes 101 for me

Well, over the last 6 years i had symptoms and had gone to the Dr. with no health insurance. I was told then i was borderline Diabetic, being about 235Lbs, 5’9"

About 6 months ago I started having numbness in my feet, I had a ski injury years back and bad circulation, and figured “well its just from the ski injury.” My toenails we always falling off after stubbing my toes. Once again, denial. About 4 months agon i stubbed my toe, and my nail fell off once again, and just about 2 months ago i started losing weight rapidly. I went from 195Lbs to 160 in 6-8 weeks. My toe developed a huge blood blister, and while at work I started to see visual “tracers” and started to feel very unbalanced, so i went to the hospital after my father checked my blood and I was hitting 380-430 on my glucose. 6 hours later i was out, they sent me to a specialist and I have been on a strict diet, Metformin, Glimepiride, actos, and Enalapril. I am having bad cramping in my leg, on the back side of the thigh just above the knee, after sitting in a chair from 30min to an hour or or more. My feet are always cold, and i have no energy, my next blood test and visit is 3/13/2011. Any advise?

Sorry to hear about yoru problems with your legs!! I have had some ok luck with compression sleeves, I get them at the running store. I have Zensah brand ones for my calves and they increase circulation after longer runs that helps prevent or mitigate cramping. They make thigh ones too, you can find them online. I notice you are in Bolingbrook? I’m in Naperville which has at least 2 really good running stores, NRC on Jefferson and Dick Pond’s on Chicago. DP might be in Lisle but they are both good stores w/ very helpful staff.

I would also suggest some sort of low impact exercise, maybe an elliptical or stationary bike can help circulation? If you don’t exercise a lot, a little bit can go a long way towards increasing blood flow.

Re diabetes, did they rx/ provide you test strips to test your BG regularly? I presume that the 03/13/2011 would be for an A1C, or longer term test but nothing suprises me and, if that’s your first follow up, you may want to try to do what it takes to get testing sooner? Getting your BG under even slightly better (if it is, in fact, in the 300s all the time?) control might help with a lot of the complaints you are having?

Could you ask to ask Insulin? Might bring your BGs down faster, depending on how Insulin resistant you are. Just throwing it out there.

I meant ask to start Insulin. oops

Have to tried taking magnesium, or soaking in a Epson Salt bath to absord Magnesium?

I have Fibro myalgia, that means Pain all over, muscles, and it is truely no fun, and the epson salt baths help. If you don’t like baths then soaking your feet in epson salt helps your feet alot and absorb the magnesium.

Will all the meds your on, I would opt to have your Doctor drop them and get on Insulin. It is sure removeds all the side effects from all thse Pills. I don’t like actos, it has a bad rap and Black label for some serious health risks.

I woas wondering, what kind of diet change have you made to improve your BS numbers? and Did they do any blood work to see if you slipped inot Type 1 or 1.5? They really should, it would help you know how to better treat your Diabetes. You didn’t tell is your age? That can be a indicator to. Some young people can Get Type 1.

I sure feel empathy for you, I hope we help you some:) Let us know how your doing, Ok, Debbie

Well, my levels are down to anywhere between high 70’s to around 125. If i do eat any carbs like pasta it jumps dramatically in upwards of 250+ Thank you for the advise, yes I have been testing three times a day after the first 7 days of being on the medication.

Yes, I have discussed this with my Dr. Being it was the first time I had seen her, we were not going to jump to conclusions, but with further complications I am very positive that’s what it is, I’m having it now in both legs, just getting back from a walk, and its to the point where i want to lay down.

Well, after reading about 50 posts on Actos, I have never had any problems with cramping and pain prior to using this drug, i do have headaches, my body aches and my pelvic/hip area feels like i broke something. Interesting information, also my dizziness and chest pains also seem to be an indication to get off this drug…?

I would recommend that you ask your doctor about supplements to help with the cramping. I have had a problem with cramping in the past (especially severe muscle spasms in my thighs while sleeping - ouch!!!)

I take:

–1200 mg of calcium citrate
–400 mg of magnesium
–A vegetarian multi that contains zinc and selenium, etc.
–1200 units of Vitamin D3

I also use a product called NuSalt instead of table salt. It’s 50% sodium chloride (regular salt) and 50% potassium chloride (a source of potassium, which helps with muscle cramps).

When I use these every day, I don’t have muscle cramps. If I let myself run out of any of the minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium salt) for even a few days, the cramps come screaming back.

I also find that I have to keep my legs warm at night or the cramping is worse. I know it’s not glamorous, but I almost always wear sweat pants or cotton leggings to sleep in now, under a sleep shirt in summer or a warm sweatshirt in winter. The extra warmth helps my circulation and keeps leg and foot cramps at bay. If I don’t start my night in socks, I get foot cramps, too. Within about a half-hour I can take them off, but not until the bed is warmed up or both of my feet will go into spasm.

Of course, diabetes or no, anything that helps with your health in general will also help with your circulation and pain: getting lots of fresh vegetables (greens, salads, steamed broccoli, etc.), avoiding empty carbs, getting enough good-quality protein, getting enough sleep, keeping your bg’s in control, walking or doing some other form of exercise for at least 30-45 minutes each day, relieving stress in a healthy way (meditation, a restful hobby, reading something light and humorous before bed, yoga, a hot bath to wind down before sleeping, etc.) I am working on doing better in all these areas: diet, exercise, rest, avoiding toxic people and too much stress, etc. Being diabetic means I have to work harder (be more conscious) about taking excellent care of myself. I used to be a bit more devil-may-care. I can’t get away with that anymore.

If your having chest pain it is a indicator something is not right, I think the Actos is it, but you need to make that judgment on your own. Have you called your Doctor and told her about how your feeling, my guess is she would want to see you real quick.

One other thing you should get tests done to see your Cal/Mag and Potassium levels are.
I sure hope you start feeling better:) Debbie

My Doctor told me today to stop taking the Actos Immediately. And to come in tomorrow for blood work. It’s interesting that for some reason I feel like a lab rat for some reason, she is a very well respected Dr. Kinda puzzled.