Leg cramps,foot cramps,body cramps

I was diagnosed at the age of 19,and I am 45yrs old now.I have seen a few s pecialists back in the early days in my twenties,and have been told,i was probably a diabetic even as a small child!Diagnosed at 19,but by the time i was 24,already had 2% of protein leaking into my bladder.

I suffer from leg cramps,feet cramps,which are the worse!Even had my right or left side of my tummy get cramps,inner thighs,under my knees.I have many tropical ointments that i use,sprays.
I am also taking many supplements,especially magnesium.I know this is diabetic neuropathy.
Can anyone on this site,give me some much needed advice on what else i can do,try or what medicines may help?
I am really tired of battling this battle!Some nights,its bad,and can not sleep.Somedays,I just want to give up,let it take m y life.Im tired of trying to fight...im feeling helpless,cause ppl around me,just do not understand how chronic the pain truely is!
Anyone here got any advice for me?

My neuropathy started a few years ago, and it was diagnosed by my neurologist with a special test procedure. My A1c back then was good, less than 6.0, but I had too many highs and lows, and some days were a roller coaster control for several hours at a time. The trauma caused by that kind of control can cause neuropathy, even when the A1c is good. I worked very hard to prevent having so many highs and lows. For me that included starting an insulin pump in 2007. that worked very well to prevent most of the highs and lows. Then I rarely had the annoying pain in my feet. The only time I have the pain now is when I have several highs and lows over a 2 or 3 day period, due to my own carelessness. The pain, when it does occur, does not keep me awake like it used to.

Hi, I am Crystal, I have learned that dealing with different type of cramping is best deal with warmth and comfort. A great snugging buddy ! For real lmao! Also the need of drink more then standard 8 glasses of water a day. I have been told to add B6 and Tonic water with apple juice ( for the taste, it will cut the bitter taste) not saying it taste good. lol! My Doctor told me and currently doing this: to smile everyday and drink the drink, and stay extra warm. But one caught you have to try to do a little lifts( ours arms and legs)everyday and to wait for a month and before you will notice a slight change for the better, I promise you will see some result. But much keep doing this.

hi crystal,thx for ur input....

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