Introduction of myself, I'm new here

Hi everyone! I’m new here and wanted to introduce myself. I’ve been diagonsed with type two diabetes for two months now. I take pills, and I inject two different kinds of insulin daily to help keep my blood levels under control. I struggled with very high numbers for the first month of being diagnosed! I was in the 200,300 range all the time! Lately I’m undr control now due to my doctor giving me a long lasting insulin to cover my days then if I rise I take another type of insulin that covers my meals. I’m a small person at only 5 foot and 110 pounds. I jst turned 41 years old this aug. I’m very happy to be a part of your group and I can’t wait to become involved in this group. I just wanted to say hello to all and I’m happy to be here. I’ve only known about my diabetes for two months but I suspect I’ve had it for some time. Well enough about me, I just wanted to say hello.

Welcome Realsis77 and Hello back! :wink:

Thank you for the welcome! : )

Welcome Realsis77 :slight_smile: Glad to have you here. Has your doctor tested you for Type 1 Diabetes? While being thin and having Type 2 does happen, it is rare… You seem to present more of the typical markers for someone with Type 1 Diabetes – it does happen in adults, too, and is not just a childhood disease. If you are having such a hard time with control, and already need insulin… it is very, very likely that you are not a Type 2 at all. Please urge your doctor to get you tested for GAD and pancreatic antibodies… and perhaps consider a low carbohydrate diet… You may read more on Diabetes, and attaining proper control here: Blood Sugar 101.

Thank you for the tip I will ask my doctor about being tested. Every sence he added lantus to my treatment I’ve been doing really well! Sometimes after my meal I will need to use my sliding scale humulin R , but it hasn’t been often. Lantus has really brought my numbers down to a very good ramge! Before lantus I was just out of control. I’m so glad I’ve got something working for me so well! I also watch my diet. It seems I’m very sensitive to foods that are high in carbs so I’ve been really watching my carbs closely! : )

Hi, you really do sound like you could be Type 1. I was diagnosed with Type 1 after first being misdiagnosed as a Type 2. I was 45. Check out the group and forum for LADA (sometimes called 1.5). You should get a test for both GAD65 and peptides. If you have the GAD antibodies you are Tyoe 1 and given your age at onset it would sometimes be called called LADA.

That definately concerns me! I am going to speak to my doctor about this as soon as I can! I didn’t realize you can be diagonsed as a type one so late in life! Hummm ? I wonder. ?? I will keep you posted on what happens ok? Thanks again!

The other thing, too, is that sliding scale insulin treatments are really, really obsolete. You will want to find some good books on learning how to dose insulin, like “Think Like a Pancreas,” and “Using Insulin,” etc, because doctors just know the most minimal things about dealing with that… after all, they don’t live with this every day, and don’t learn to outwit every situation or meal that we eat.

True, I’ve read that about the sliding scale. I’m going to bring that up to my doctor also! At least now he has given me something that actually pervents the highs instead of chasing them! I’ll look into the books thanks for the advice!