Is anyone reading or have you read Breakthrough - the Elizabeth Hughes story?

It is a wonderful book about the discovery of Insulin, and the incredible story of the people who both suffered before the discovery and the people who discovered it. It highlights the nearly impossible chain of events that came together to lend in the discovery and the even more serious effort to figure out how to mass produce it. I strongly suggest it and wonder if anyone would like to have an online book discussion about the book?

Rick Phillips

I have it on order from my public library.

Oooo. I just checked, it is ready for pickup. After I read it, I’d be happy to discuss it.

I’ve read it, and would be interested in a group discussion.

Is there anyone else who might be interested ?

3 of us are in so far, any others?

Rick Phillips

Not interested in participating in a group discussion about the book but thanks! to your discussion, I’m on a waiting list for the book, looking forward to reading it soon.

I am hopeful that someone else might be willoign to join our little happy band ?

rick phillips

I got the book from the library and have started it. I’m bout halfway through. I found the treatment of Fred Banting as a character pretty harsh. They really portray him as a fairly unstable. And little Elizabeth Hughes as a young girl just does not seem to have any depth. The idea that a young girl would have the character to survive for years on a starvation diet is a story in itself, but reading the book, she seems to just go through it like it is nothing. What do you think?

From what I have read in previous books, Banting was a little over the top. I know a fellow who once described Banting as a mess following the death of Marjorie, so the book seems accurate on that account.

I do agree about you about Elizabeth Hughes. But then again, I am not certain she was really much more than any of the other people portrayed. It makes me very interested to learn more about Elizabeth as she aged. One of the interesting things is how few people know Elizabeth was diabetic when she died, According to what I heard not even some f her family members knew it. I also find it interesting that Elizabeth burned much of her diaries just before her death.

I think with all that secrecy. the author may not have had much of a chance to interpret her as more than a 2 dimensional character. It is a shame really. I tell you i feel the most sympathy for the otehr little kids of the story.

rick phillips