Is anyone trying an un-tethered regimen?

I've been thinking on going this route, and having levemir cover about half of my basal...enough that I can avoid carrying around extra supplies that would otherwise be needed with a pump (Omnipod) failure. Seems like it would be safer in general., I have not tried this but it is very intriguing and would be nice when thinking about a weekend at the beach. I'll be thinking more on this, although before my pump, I used Lantus and had pretty good success...IF, I split the dose and injected it twice a day - it did not last 24 hours in my system.

Gotta say that looks intriguing. I was on Lantus/Novolog for about 12 years before switching to a pump about six months ago, and while I haven't quite wanted to give up on it, it's been a lot more of a roller coaster than I expected. Whereas I had quite good control on the old regime, except for the accursed dawn phenomenon. So a hybrid approach looks attractive.

One of the things I like most about my pump (Medtronic Minimed), though, is that it keeps a running calculation of how much insulin I've got in my system. I don't think there's a way for it to take that extra basal insulin into account when displaying this data.

But as far as the basic idea goes, it's definitely worth considering. For my part I'd want to talk to my specialist about it first, but thanks for raising the question--I wasn't aware of this option.