Summer pump break

Do any of you have experience with a child taking a break from the pump and using injections during the summertime? I have been thinking about discussing it with nurse this summer and seeing if Rory would be ok with it. It is challenging at times to simply allow him time to swim without worrying about his sites or time off the pump. Trips to the pool end up being too short for what he wants time to do since he is getting older. We are planning a trip to Myrtle Beach in August and there will be plenty of time swimming or just being in the heat. I thought it might give his bottom sites a good break too.

Have you considered doing the "untethered" thing? I think it involves giving your basal as an injection once a day, and then hooking up the pump to bolus. That way you can unhook the pump whenever you want, but still only have to give one injection a day instead of multiple ones.

What pump are you using? Maybe as he gets older it might be worth looking into one that is waterproof so you can avoid this all together? I think the Animas ping is waterproof (not sure) and I know that's one reason my son loves the Omnipod - he doesn't ever have to unhook it to swim or do anything else. But I know there are lots of considerations when picking a pump - but if this is a major one for you, then waterproof might help.

Thanks! I wasn’t thinking the option to just hook up for boluses and just give 1 shot of Lantus for basal. That would work well for those days we may be spending at the pool or during our trip. Will just want to be sure of the timing for everything. He currently uses the Medtronic paradigm 522, I think he is eligible for an “upgrade” in December. I had asked about the Omnipod at one point in time but he was still little and it was thought it might be too bulky yet for him with using his bottom for all site placements. I think the untethered way would work well for him now. He doesn’t mind shots but, then again he hasn’t had to endure them regularly for some time now. Plus it involves more supplies to deal with all at once. Thanks so much!