Is coffee bad for diabetes patient?

I am a coffee lover, before i was diagnosed for diabetes i used to drink 5 cups a day but when i was positive for diabetes last june 2009 i decided to reduce to 2 cups a day, one in the morning and in the afternoon. i did so because one of my diabetic friend told me to stop drinking coffee because as she said not good for us. I research on this issue in the internet but i get confuse because one researcher says drinking coffee can help prevent type II diabetes while the other author says no because of the caffiene content. I really wanted to drink coffee more than 2 cups a day.

Hi! I was diagnosed as a Type 1 in May 2009 - doctor hasn’t mentioned coffee to me, but he probably will some day. Is it bad for me? I don’t seem to have an issue with it. I’d have to say - coffee might be bad for me, but it’s worse for those around me if I don’t have it. :slight_smile:

I also got diagnosed fairly recently (January 2009) as Type 1. I only drink coffee a few times a week (with a little cream and Splenda) but when I do I find that I have to give an additional 5 units of Novolog and sometimes that doesn’t even cover it and I end up being in the high 100’s/low 200’s. I tend to be insulin resistant though, so I think that is probably more than most would have to do. I think its the caffeine that can effect some people.

I asked my doctor (who is acually a diabetic herself) and she said you can drink it. Just monitor yourself. Test your blood sugar a couple hours after… Maybe up your insuline dosage if needed. I get mine iceed, with skim milk, and splenda i barley see much difference in my sugar levels :slight_smile:

I still drink coffee, I’ve been a type 1 for nearly 13 years. I know caffeine makes the liver kick out some sugar, but if you compensate appropriately, you should be alright. Coffee is always the scapegoat for something.

There is a study by Dr Lane out of Duke University which I found using google. It’s out of Duke so I’m sure it’s legit. The study warns against caffeine use because it raises blood sugar in a significant number of people, which is bad news for us caffeine addicts. Also blood perssure and heart rates. Probably moderation is the key.
Here is the link to a great study on caffeine … it is not good for you! I recently stopped drinking coffee everyday and my biggest concern was that I wasnt going to have any energy and didnt like drinking energy drinks. A friend of mine from another board I read recommended something called Restore energy which is a energy formula made specifically for Diabetics. This had helped me get off the coffee and I am so much better from it. I have more energy now through the day from drinking one than I have drinking like 6 cups a day. It also taste really good, I just mix it in a bottle of water.

I went to decaf, I actually like the taste of it. I dont know if its the caffeine that is bad. I am a type 2 but I have not had any issue with blood sugar. Funny thing when I was first diagnosed and I was in ICU and in the regular room they would bring me a cup of coffee for breakfast. I guess better than drinking juice or milk. I just need a few zips anyway to get by. I switch to coffee to stop drinking beer, then I switched to tea to lower the amount of coffee that I was drinking. O well that’s life. Take care

You can find valid research studies that come to different outcomes when it comes to caffeine. There are thousands.
If it affect your BG stay away, if you have bone loss stay away.
People with slow moving bowels can use caffeine to help it helps in some IBS people and is harmful to others. Caffeine in a pinch can help an asthma attack, it can make a panic attack worse.
Can’t pass a test a dose of caffeine may give you the edge but watch out if you have a heart regulation problem.
I could go on all day. 5 cups probably not to good for your bones or tummy, 2 cups prob no harm.
The dangerous amounts are found in energy drinks that use caffeine in large amounts. Not a cup of joe. But on the other hand water in large amounts is pretty bad too.
Caffeine may help fight depression related to illness …see it can go on and on let your body tell you :slight_smile:
Be loved